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October 19, 2021

PSD’s Dragnea: Assessments on state secretaries have started to arrive. Some ministers conducted serious analyses, others more superficial ones

Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Liviu Dragnea stated on Tuesday that the assessments on the secretaries of state have started to arrive and that some ministers conducted serious analyses while others conducted “more superficial” ones, adding that the ruling coalition’s discussion on this topic will also have to regard the number of secretaries of state. In what concerns the freezing of the number of public sector employees in 2018 too, Dragnea said this measure will be upheld because it is good.

“I understood that assessments have started to come. Some ministers carried out serious assessments, others more superficial ones, at the level of secretaries of state,” the PSD leader stated.

Answering the journalists’ questions, Dragnea pointed out: “We’re talking about two or three ministers. Maybe I exaggerated calling them superficial. The Premier would have expected a much more serious analysis, but they nevertheless carried out an analysis.”

Liviu Dragnea said that the assessment on secretaries of state must also include a discussion about their number: “In what concerns an assessment on secretaries of state, it must also include a discussion on the number of secretaries of state – whether it’s low, high, sufficient, this must also be discussed. Let’s see how many prerogatives can a public person manage, whether they have too many, too few.”

Likewise, the PSD President stated that permanently assessing the public sector is necessary.

“In what concerns the public sector, meaning public sector employees, an analysis must be permanently carried out, an analysis must be carried out each year, because nowhere in the world, not in Romania either, has the public sector ended up working perfectly. This means that maybe some rearrangements within the sector, certain changes of prerogatives, institutional changes, maybe structural changes, are necessary every year and an analysis is needed,” he said.

Dragnea claimed that lowering the number of public sector employees was not discussed within the ruling coalition or the Government.

“On the other hand, it has been discussed and decided, ever since the governance started, since January, and this approach continues, that 2018 should be a year in which material expenditures would be lowered by at least 10 percent, because we are still spending more than we should,” the PSD President said.

Asked for his opinion on the fact that the freezing of the number of public sector employees was initially decided for 2017 but will be extended for 2018 too, Liviu Dragnea pointed out: “Because it seems it’s a good measure.”


PSD leader asked whether he privately met Kovesi or Coldea: I’ll answer if summoned before some committee


On Tuesday, journalists asked PSD President Liviu Dragnea whether he privately met Laura Codruta Kovesi or Florian Coldea. He pointed out he will answer the question if he is summoned before some committee.

At first, Liviu Dragnea was asked whether he joined Kovesi and Coldea at a pig slaughter in December 2013, at a Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) villa.

“I didn’t take part in any meeting of this kind in December 2013, but if the story about the pig is true, I believe that pig is insolent and even a lawbreaker and this should be verified. Thirdly, I say that during this period some people who are still in office, who were in office, should do the talking about serious things. Lately there has been talk about the system, about possible malfunctions of the system, about potential illegal actions, about potential illegal collaborations between certain institutions. I don’t believe we’re now talking about the story of the pig. (…) It doesn’t mean we’ll never talk at some point about this kind of information appearing from various natural or legal persons. Now is not the time. Others should do the talking now. When it’s time to talk, we’ll talk,” the PSD leader said.

Asked whether he attended private events alongside Laura Codruta Kovesi or Florian Coldea, Liviu Dragnea replied: “If I’m summoned before some committee, I’ll answer.”

Asked why he avoids giving an answer to the press, the PSD leader said: “So that the committee wouldn’t lose its interest and no longer invite me.”

Likewise, asked who is the lawbreaker he mentioned earlier, Dragnea pointed out: “The pig.”

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