Manda: There are 65 protocols between SRI and state institutions

PSD’s Claudiu Manda, Chairman of the parliamentary committee on the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), stated on Tuesday evening that there are currently 65 protocols that the SRI has with various state institutions, explaining that the committee members did not have the chance to thoroughly verify to what extent the said protocols observe the existing legislation.

“We have received the protocols that are currently in force between the Romanian Intelligence Service and various state institutions. We are talking about a list of 65 protocols, 64 of which are still in force, and the 65th is the famous protocol between the SRI and the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) from back when that Prosecutor’s Office was led by Laura Codruta Kovesi,” Claudiu Manda stated.

He said the members of the committee were unable to thoroughly verify whether the said protocols observe the existing legislation.

“We looked over them briefly, we will analyse in the following period, including the denounced protocol, whether it was within legal and constitutional provisions, because it is one of the elements that most of the petitioners we have had so far at the hearings gave us – directly during the hearings or through lawyers –, elements that we should include in the analysis on whether these protocols were made in observance of the laws in force,” Manda said.

The chairman of the committee on the SRI pointed out that there are cases in which several protocols were signed with a single institution.


“Coldea is retired officer and employed at National Intelligence Academy by means of legal agreement”


On Tuesday, PSD’s Claudiu Manda also stated that former SRI First Deputy Director Florian Coldea is currently a retired officer and employed at the National Intelligence Academy (ANI) by means of a legal agreement, pointing out however that it is not clear at this moment whether Florian Coldea met all criteria needed to teach at that educational institution.

“At this moment, Mr Coldea, based on what we make of that document (the document that the SRI transmitted to the committee – editor’s note), is a retired officer and employed at the ‘Mihai Viteazul’ National Intelligence Academy by means of a legal agreement,” Claudiu Manda stated.

He pointed out that as part of the committee’s correspondence with the SRI the MPs were presented the stages one must go through to teach at the ANI.

Asked whether Florian Coldea met all academic rigours to end up teaching at the National Intelligence Academy, Manda pointed out that the committee he chairs has no answer at this moment.

“At this moment I only brought to the committee’s attention the answer that has arrived from the SRI. The answer tells us all the stages and all the steps a candidate who wants to become member of the teaching staff must go through, and the legal basis, after which they transmitted us all the stages that candidate Coldea went through to accede to this capacity of member of the teaching staff. Whether all these stages were observed or not, and which were they, there was a reading today within the committee, it will be attached to all the correspondence and of course we will have a conclusion after all colleagues read and come up with an answer,” Manda added.

“Not confirming nor denying that Liviu Dragnea will be heard at SRI oversight committee”

Manda also stated that he is not confirming nor denying the potential hearing of PSD President Liviu Dragnea at the committee regarding the private meetings he may have had with Laura Codruta Kovesi or Florian Coldea.

“I can’t say what the committee is considering until after we discuss within the committee. I can only say I’m not confirming nor denying a potential participation on the part of Mr Dragnea, of Mr Ponta, or of other public persons about whom such elements appear in the public space. Each time, I’m trying to notify the persons we’ll invite the following week about the date and hour, including the persons who, as a result of the correspondence, accepted to take part. At this moment Mr Dragnea is not part of the committee’s correspondence to be invited next week,” Claudiu Manda said.

He explained that all persons believed to have elements that they can bring to the attention of the committee will be invited before the committee.

“We can take note from the public space, we can take note as a result of referring the matter to ourselves, or of requests they lodge, or from persons who come before the committee and tell us about persons who know deeds and details relevant for the committee’s activity,” Manda pointed out.


Traian Basescu before SRI Cttee: I just dropped by to say hello. Manda: He asked for the hearings to be postponed for a while because more aspects will be revealed

Ex-President Traian Basescu left the SRI Committee hearings after only 5 minutes on Tuesday, stating that he just “dropped by to say hello to the committee.” Basescu stated on Tuesday that he made no statements during the hearings.

Asked about potential hearings on Thursday, when his hearings were initially scheduled, Basescu said: “I don’t know.”

Former SRI colonel Daniel Dragomir was heard three hours within the SRI Committee, where he talked about the intelligence service’s involvement in politics, the judiciary and the press. Dragomir also offered a list of 65 persons who could confirm his statements.

PSD’s Claudiu Manda, Chairman of the Senate Committee on the SRI, announced on Tuesday that ex-President Traian Basescu asked the committee to accept postponing the hearings because there are allegedly more aspects that will come to the committee’s attention and that he wants to clarify them.

Claudiu Manda said that Traian Basescu’s visit to the SRI Committee sought to obtain a postponement of his hearings, in order to be able to offer details on all aspects that will come to the committee’s attention until then.

“He said he wants to come before the committee, that there are aspects that he wants us to clarify within the committee, but he asked us to agree with him waiting for a while and for us to jointly agree on a date on which he would come, stating that, in his experience, there will still be things that will be presented to the committee,” Manda stated.

The former head of state also invoked the activity of the parliamentary committee of inquiry into the 2009 elections. “He also mentioned the committee of inquiry into the 2009 elections, but he said there will be elements that will keep coming to the attention of the committee and he wants to clarify them during the hearings,” the SRI Committee Chairman said.





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