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March 7, 2021

Survey: Almost three quarters of Romanians consider presence of multinationals important

Almost three quarters of Romanians believe the presence of multinational companies in Romania is important and it translates into job creation, reads a recent study carried out by Novel Research market survey company for Provident Financial Romania.

“As many as 7 of 10 Romanians consider that the presence of multinational companies in Romania is important and it translates into creation of jobs, according to 76 pct of respondents and in technology and know-how transfer – 71 pct. At the same time, multinationals contribute to enhancing the living standards in local communities, 67 pct of respondents say, and perform a capital injection in the economy, by the contribution to the state budget and the investments they carry out in Romania – 64 pct, thus having a significant contribution to the development of the local economy,” reads the document issued on Thursday.

The main concerns of the private sector should be, according to the survey respondents, job creation, better working conditions, professional development of human resources, better wages and innovation of products and services. Concurrently, the public sector should rather concern itself with Romania’s future, infrastructure development, environmental protection and social equity.

Moreover, 46 pct of Romanians consider that the business environment represents the engine for Romania’s economic development through the jobs created, the salaries granted to employees and the taxes paid to the state budget.

The study was carried out by Novel Research market research company for Provident Financial Romania in October 2017 on a representative sample of 1,002 respondents from Romania.

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