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October 26, 2021

PSD’s Dragnea: There is no reason to stop adopting the tax measures. PSD never paid any money to US companies for arranging me meetings with US officials

Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Liviu Dragnea on Friday stated that he could find no reason for stopping the adoption of the tax measures announced by the Government, while adding that the head of state, Klaus Iohannis, did not criticize these measures, but only tried to present an analysis.

“I didn’t take it as criticism, but as an attempt to present an analysis, which he later said that, in fact, it wasn’t his analysis. So that I personally don’t see any reason to stop the adoption of the respective tax measures, absolutely none, for these are measures that will only do good,” said Dragnea at the Parliament Palace, when asked what was his opinion related to President Iohannis criticizing the tax measures that the Government is about to adopt.

According to Dragnea, the ruling coalition had discussions with the representatives of the business environment, of both very large and small companies, and these companies are “not disturbed” by the announced tax measures.

Asked how he commented on the President’s statement that the salaries will grow very little, the PSD leader said: “Until recently they used to say that they are going to decrease in fact. And then yesterday, for I didn’t take that as criticism, the President said he supported our measures. Until not long ago they said that the employees will in fact have their salaries decreased and now they are saying that they will grow. Yes, the net salary will grow, for this is a good measure and I always said that the employer won’t pay more, the employee won’t get less, but, on the contrary, he will get more money, and also his social contributions will be higher and the business environment will be simplified significantly.”


“PSD never paid any money to US companies for arranging me meetings with US officials”


PSD’s Dragnea on Friday also stated that his party never paid any money to any US company for arranging him meetings with US officials.

Asked whether PSD paid 100,000 US dollars to a company from USA for arranging him a meeting with US officials, Dragnea said that he has already checked with the party and there was no “such deal.”

“I have also read that article this morning and I called the party to check, for I was very much surprised, but I thought that maybe someone had some kind of idea. But PSD has never concluded any contract with any company of the sort, less paid any money. (…) And also, 100,000 is a small amount for me, isn’t it? PSD has no such agreement with any company of the sort and it didn’t pay any money to any company,” said Dragnea at the Parliament Palace.

Asked whether he knew Gheorghe Dimitrescu, adviser to Florin Iordache, Dragnea said that he didn’t.

“I checked with the party and he isn’t,” he specified.

Asked if he intended to pay a visit to the US in the next interval, the PSD leader said: “I have no intention to, but if I receive an invitation and I am allowed to go, I will gladly do it.”

He also added that Florin Iordache has never told him that he was preparing a visit to the US for him.

An Website specialized in monitoring the activity of the US Congress and the lobby activities – Legistorm – on Thursday published an article saying that Liviu Dragnea, Speaker of Romanian Parliament’s lower chamber and party president is trying to arrange meetings with Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

The source also specified that Dragnea received a two-year suspended jail sentence last year for trying to rig a referendum election to impeach the country’s president. According to some recent notifications submitted to the US Department of Justice and quoted by journalist Keturah Hetrick, which signs the article, the Social Democratic Party is paying 100,000 US dollars to introduce Dragnea to Pence and Ryan “as soon as possible” and to arrange “political, media and academic meetings” for him.


“Judicial Inspection must be autonomous institution, benchmark for anyone in Justice”


Social Democratic Party leader said on Friday that the Judicial Inspection should be an autonomous institution, a benchmark institution for anyone in Justice.

“Eventually, if we are still allowed to pass laws in Parliament, we will do it, when we are forbidden to pass laws in Parliament, we will surrender,” Dragnea said at the Parliament Palace, when asked how he comments on President Klaus Iohannis’s criticism in relation to the package of justice legislation.

He added that he understands the President stated nothing should change as things work properly with regard to the Judicial Inspection (that it must remain with the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) – ed.n.).

“I understand from you that Mr. President said that nothing should change, of everything that has been under discussion for months now, and not only in Romania, I understand that nothing should change because things run smoothly. I believe, and we will see what the result in the Special Committee will be, I believe that the Judicial Inspection must be an autonomous institution, an institution that represents a benchmark for anyone in Justice,” Dragnea said.

Asked what he thinks of the consequences of the compensatory appeal law, more precisely of the fact that a dangerous man, released from prison relapsed by raping a woman in the Capital, Dragnea said these things must be explained by those who initiated the law.

“I consider those who initiated the law and thought of the law and grounded this draft must provide explanations. Ask those who did that. I didn’t work on that and I really don’t know very well,” he mentioned.

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