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March 21, 2023

Bucharest to host ’16 +1′ ministerial conference on energy co-operation

Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) and the Ministry of Energy will organise in Bucharest, on Wednesday, in co-operation with the Centre for Dialogue and Co-operation on Energy Projects 16 + 1, a Ministerial Conference on Energy Co-operation in the China – Central and Eastern Europe (“16 + 1”) format.

According to a press statement by MAE, the event will be followed by a 16 + 1 Energy Fair, which will take place November 8-10, 2017.

“The main items on the agenda of the conference, to be attended by all the ministers and officials of the 16 + 1 countries, seek to identify common opportunities for developing co-operation on energy projects in the 16 + 1 format, taking into account regional dynamics, as well as current objectives and challenges in the area. The conference will be honoured by the presence of a delegation from China, headed by Vice-President of the National Development and Reform Commission and Director of the National Energy Administration of the People’s Republic of China Nur Bekri, Director of the National Energy Administration,” according to MAE.

The 16 + 1 Energy Fair provides a platform for discussions and exchange of ideas for energy companies and organisations, providing an opportunity to explore new business projects and initiatives.

“At the fair, 30 of the largest Chinese energy companies will be attending, at the level of leaders, representatives of energy companies operating in Romania, as well as of companies from the Central and Eastern European countries.”

The two events are the first to be devoted to energy cooperation in the 16 + 1 format, supported by the Centre for Dialogue and Co-operation on Energy Projects 16 + 1, set up in October 2016 as a contribution by Romania to the China-Central and Eastern Europe co-operation format endorsed by the 16 + 1 Summit in Riga of November 2016.

MAE says the China-Central and Eastern Europe co-operation format “16 + 1” was launched in 2011 on the side-lines of a visit to Hungary by the Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao. Back then, a first meeting took place in this format, attended by ministers of economy and development from the partner countries.

The main objective of the format is to develop co-operation among the participating countries in a wide range of areas such as trade, investment, infrastructure, energy, cultural exchanges and education.

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