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December 1, 2022

Thousands protest in several cities against bill amending laws of justice. Former PM Ciolos: We cannot risk Romania’s future

Approximately 15,000 people in Bucharest and other 13,000, in the opinion of the organizers or the Gendarmerie, in Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Iasi and Brasov protested against the bill aimed at amending the Laws of Justice and other legislative drafts, but also against the politicians in the ruling coalition.

During the period when they were in the Parliament area, the protesters in Bucharest chanted “We want justice, not corruption”, “Romania, wake up”, “DNA come take you”, “You do not step back / you come over”, and in front of the Ministry of Justice they called out “Resignation” and “Invest in prisons / Do not spend money on trifle things”.

Some 3,000 people protested peacefully in Victoriei Square in Timisoara on Sunday evening, according to organizers.

The national anthem of Romania and songs already established for the protests in Timisoara were played, and people chanted “Romania awaken”, “Down with the government”, “We do not succumb, we resist”, “We do not want to be a nation of thieves, ” “PSD red plague,” “Down corruption, down lying,” “Down with Tariceanu, Dragnea and Dorneanu.”

The organizers of the protest remarked positively that “a civil society is being created that opposes politicians that have slippages. A generation of people aged 2 to 80 that take to the streets when there are slippages of governors and lawmakers is being born.

Thousands of people participated on Sunday in the centre of Cluj-Napoca in the protest against the laws of Justice and the Government. “United we save all Romania!”, “My angel, rescue me from PSD,” “Romania wake up!” or “Dragnea, Dragnea, do not forget, we’re waiting also for your book,” were some of the slogans chanted by protesters.

Almost 3,000 people protested on Sunday evening for two hours in the centre of Sibiu against PSD, in an unauthorized rally, according to the authorities.

The protesters chanted PSD, the Government and Liviu Dragnea. At this protest, PNL and USR Sibiu members could be seen.

Approximately 2,000 people protested, on Sunday evening, in the Union Square in Iasi, against those in power. After almost an hour and a half they went marching down the streets of the city centre.

The protesters gathered in front of the statue of ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza and chanted “Iasi resists, get out of your homes”, “Come with us! They steal from you too”, “Romania is my country and I want to live in it”, “Enough! We want early elections! “,” Down with stealing government, made in Teleorman”,”I want to stay home, thieves do not let me. ”

When the demonstrators arrived at the PSD headquarters, they booed and chanted slogans against the party and the government – “Down, Down, Down with rotten government!” PSD red plague!

Approximately 2,000 people protested in Brasov on Sunday evening against the draft law amending the Laws of Justice but also against the ruling coalition, with the protest not being authorized, according to the initiator, Nelu Corbu. Protesters chanted “Thieves,” “DNA come to get you,” “PSD, red plague,” “We do not want to be a nation of thieves,” “We are sick of liars and corrupts,” “Shame on you” or “Justice, not corruption”, waved flags and booed.


Former PM Ciolos: We cannot risk Romania’s future


Former Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos was present Sunday evening at the protest in Bucharest, on which occasion he argued that he considered joining the manifestations because “a limit is being reached.”

“I thought being here myself is important because a limit is being reached. It has been almost a year of governing with a very important economic growth potential. I believe we have missed many moments this year precisely because of the unpredictability and anarchy in decision, and moreover, this attitude towards justice doesn’t do anything but weaken the trust of those who can invest in Romania and prevent them from doing it,” Ciolos stated.

He underscored that Romania’s wellbeing cannot be built “without a solid foundation of honesty, of integrity.”

“That means Justice must do its job,” the former premier added.

He showed that Romania is going through a fortuitous time from an economic point of view.

“I have the impression that we are gambling with Romania’s chance precisely by creating unpredictability. (…) We cannot risk Romania’s future through such decisions. Today we announce one thing, tomorrow we go back on it, we announce something else. This is about people who are governing the country and who are sending signals and Romania is perceived by their behaviour. I believe that we must be clear about the path we want Romania to take and to follow through what we say we want to do,” Dacian Ciolos pointed out.


PSD’s Firea: It would have been fairer for Opposition parties not to stain the citizens’ protest


Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea stated on Monday, referring to Sunday evening’s protest in Bucharest, that it is “a pity” that an action that started out as a civic one was “simply hijacked by the political Opposition.”

“The result of the elections from December last year must be respected. (…) I believe it would have been fairer for Opposition parties not to basically stain the protest of citizens who have a point of view to express,” Firea stated on Monday before entering the meeting of the Association of Romanian Municipalities.

She added it is the constitutional right of any citizen to protest, however the Constitution also stipulates that Parliament and parliamentary debate represent the basis of democracy.

“The Constitution also stipulates all democratic principles and one of them is the fact that Parliament and parliamentary debate are the basis of democracy. I believe all aspects more controversial or more sensitive that appear in society must be widely debated in Parliament, because that is where all Romanians’ representatives are,” Gabriela Firea stated.


Iordache: There’s either great disinformation or those who are protesting don’t know the laws. If we protest, let’s also look at the laws


PSD Lower House lawmaker and ex-Justice Minister Florin Iordache stated on Monday that the people who protested on Sunday evening do not know what the draft amendments to the judiciary laws are saying. Iordache claimed that “there’s either great disinformation or those who are protesting don’t know the laws.”

“There’s either great disinformation or those who are protesting don’t know the laws, because the two problems invoked… the one concerning the appointment and dismissal of prosecutors, we stipulated that the President should be the one who has the final signature; in what concerns the Judicial Inspection, we stipulated that the institution should be independent. So, I repeat, if we protest, let’s also look at the laws,” Iordache told journalists.


Orban: Judiciary laws are the creation of the toxic trio Iordache, Serban Nicolae and Eugen Nicolicea


National Liberal Party (PNL) Chairman Ludovic Orban stated on Monday  at the Palace of Parliament that the party he leads is sympathetic with civil society’s street protests for the independence of the judicial system and the continuation of the anticorruption fight, and asked PSD not to endorse the bill amending the judiciary laws, which he called the creation of the “trio which is toxic for the judiciary”: Iordache, Serban Nicolae and Eugen Nicolicea.

“PNL is sympathetic with civil society’s street protests for the independence of the judiciary, for the continuation of the anticorruption fight, for integrity in public office. PNL is fighting in Parliament to prevent the adoption of any legal provision that would affect the independence of the judiciary, that would hinder the activity of the judiciary in the anticorruption fight and that would affect the citizens’ rights and fundamental liberties. I point out that we, as a party, are ready at any moment to resort to forms of protests in our turn too, which would include public protests, marches, meetings or other types of street actions,” Ludovic Orban stated.

The PNL leader said that the Liberals are not planning to politicise the protests by endorsing them.

“You’ve seen very clearly that we made no kind of attempt to politicise these movements. We encouraged the party’s sympathisers, members, to support, to take part in these forms of protests because PNL’s position is similar to the position expressed by Romanian citizens who took part in these forms of protest. Likewise, we consider that public protests, marches, meetings, demonstrations, are necessary because solely at parliamentary level – bearing in mind the parliamentary arithmetic – it is very difficult to be able to prevent the adoption of the ruling party’s noxious proposals not only in the field of justice but also in what concerns the economic chaos that exists,” he added.

Orban asked PSD not to endorse the bill amending the judiciary laws.

“I’m asking the ruling party not to endorse the bill amending the judiciary laws, which is in fact the creation of that trio that is toxic for the judiciary – Iordache, Serban Nicolae and Nicolicea –, which expresses a conservative point of view, a point of view that would send us 20 years back in time. The fact that we will organise such protests does not affect in any way the public expression of the will of any Romanian citizen who files for a protest permit,” the PNL leader concluded.



Photo source: Dan Mihai Balanescu, Facebook

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