Italian Armed Forces Day to be marked on November 8 through a ceremony at the Ghencea Italian Cemetery in Bucharest

On November 4, Italian Armed Forces celebrate  the victory that marked Italy’s unification.

The Italian Ambassador and the Italian Military Attaché of Defense will celebrate the event in Bucharest on November 8, through a ceremony held at the Ghencea Italian Cemetery  in  Bucharest, which will be attended by Ambassadors and Military Attachés, Romanian and Italian civil and military authorities and all those who will wish to be close to the Italian Armed Forces.

At the ceremony, which will start at 11.00, the Italian Ambassador Marco GIUNGI and the Military Attaché of Defense, Colonel Andrea Tiveron, will lay wreaths at the Italian and Romanian monuments of heroes, to commemorate all the soldiers who have sacrificed themselves for the HOMELAND  in Italy and abroad, in times of war and peace, of which 1700 soldiers are buried in Romania.

Many of them are heroes who died on duty during the World War I, belonging to the Italian Division who, being members of the Allied Army of the French General D’Espery, participated in the offensive on the Macedonian front in September 1918, as well as heroes who died in the World War II who lost their lives while going to and coming from the Russian front.

The Italian soldiers rest alongside their Romanian fellows, being a testimony of a common journey which started on the great war theater of the first world conflict and which continues in the recent forms of military cooperation in various theaters of operations, in order to reach, at that time, the values of the unity and independence, and today, through a conscious and common security strategy, the European and global peace.

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