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June 26, 2022

Senate denies unqualified motion against FinMin Misa

At a plenary sitting on Monday, the Senate denied an unqualified motion called “Minister Misa’s finance talk – a bad film about bankruptcy with free access,” tabled by senators of the opposition National Liberal Party (PNL), People’s Movement Party (PMP) and Save Romania Union (USR).

The motion, signed by 39 PNL, PMP and USR senators, called for the resignation of Finance Minister Ionut Misa.

The motion was denied in a 68-33 vote. There were 8 abstentions.


Misa at debate on unqualified motion: Romania’s development direction is appreciated by investors and international bodies


Finance Minister Ionut Misa stated on Monday, during the Senate debate on the unqualified motion, that Romania’s economic situation is better than it was in 2016 and its development direction is appreciated.

“The economic situation is incomparably better than in 2016. At this moment, Romania is among the most dynamic economies of the European Union, and the development direction is appreciated by investors and international bodies. Romania is registering the second-highest economic growth in the EU – 6.1 percent, behind Malta – and this represents the only path for the improvement of the living standards,” Ionut Misa stated during the Senate debate.

The Finance Minister also claimed that one of the objectives of this year’s fiscal-budgetary policy which laid at the basis of the construction of the 2017 budget consisted of allocating important sums for investments by prioritising them based on their relevance.

“According to balance sheet data, in the first half of 2017 the turnover of the overall economy surpassed RON 609 billion, up by 9.5 percent compared to the first half of 2016. Likewise, the gross profit grew by 8.4 percent, leading to a profitability rate of 6 percent. The level of the RON- and forex-denominated reserves at the disposal of the state treasury, part of the treasury’s general current account balance, cover more than 7 months of the gross financing need. The MFP [Finance Ministry] obtained a historic low for maturity on Eurobonds worth EUR 1 billion, the lowest interest rate Romania ever obtained,” Misa said before he was interrupted because his time ran out.


Basescu: Misa is a victim, Dragnea, Valcov, Olguta Vasilescu are the real artisans of the economic disaster


Popular Movement Party (PMP) Senator Traian Basescu stated on Monday, during the debates on the unqualified motion tabled against the Finance Minister, that Ionut Misa is only a victim and that, in his opinion, Liviu Dragnea, Darius Valcov and Olguta Vasilescu are the true artisans of the economic disaster in Romania, adding that the results of recklessness, of demagoguery and of buying off votes with money from the state budget are now being reaped.

“At this moment I believe Misa is only a victim. The artisans of this disaster are called Dragnea, Valcov, Olguta Vasilescu and other specialists, particularly from Kiseleff and not from the Victoria Palace. I would also emphasise that the fruits of recklessness, of demagoguery and of buying off votes with money from the state budget are now being reaped, because Misa and Toader are not the ones who had major contributions to the macroeconomic imbalances that are foreshadowed,” Traian Basescu stated within the Senate.

The PMP Senator also critically reviewed the main and the most criticised economic and fiscal measures that the PSD-ALDE Government has taken.

“The hiking of salaries without productivity growth is showing its results. We have inflation rate growth, as a consequence of introducing the supplementary excise on fuels, of confiscating the money of national companies, of cutting investment funds, of introducing the full tax on part-time contracts, of the upcoming introduction of the solidarity tax. This would mean that Romanians should pay a tax of solidarity with some government members’ stupidity,” the PMP leader added.

Traian Basescu said that the removal of Ionut Misa is required for economic recovery, but also that of Liviu Dragnea, Olguta Vasilescu and Darius Valcov.

“The effects of a ruinous economic and budgetary policy can’t be removed solely by removing Misa. Dragnea, Olguta Vasilescu, Valcov and, of course, ‘Second Pillar’ Misa must be removed. From now on that’s how I’m going to call you, minister: ‘Second Pillar’ Misa,” Basescu added.




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