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April 17, 2021

PNL to table censure motion, organize street protests, due to the fiscal measures adopted by the Government

National Liberal Party (PNL)  announced on Wednesday that it will initiate a censure motion and will organize street protests, due to the fiscal measures adopted by the Government. PNL Chairman Ludovic Orban says that for the censure motion, “the support of every political party and every parliamentarian” will be requested.

PNL would also call on the Ombudsman to challenge with the Constitutional Court the ordinance amending the Tax Code, if and when it is issued.

He also announced that PNL will “resort to all forms of legal and constitutional protests to prevent the entry into force of these tax aberrations that threaten to hurt the Romanian economy, including marches, rallies and all other possible forms of protest.”

“We are also in tune with all those who defend their wages, defend their pensions, defend their future, defend their work and earnest income, and who do not accept to be robbed by this government, who is coveting people’s money to fill up their piggybanks,” added Orban.

The Liberals are thus protesting against the measures that the Tudose Government adopted on Wednesday afternoon, calling them the biggest lie in the electoral programme of the ruling coalition made up of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), and Romanians have become aware of that, said PNL spokesman Ionel Danca.  He also said that what the Government is doing is “a mockery” and a “fiscal mess”.

Danca also lashed out at what he called “another attack on the Romanians’ money – namely the modification of contributions to the pension pillar II.”

In turn, senator Florin Citu, PNL deputy chairman, believes that today, when the government met to discuss tax changes, is a bleak day for Romania. In addition, Citu added that “the genocide against Romanian economy is complete”, that “PSD started a war against Romanians”, following “to take Romania out of EU”.

Ludovic Orban said that the manner by which the Government works “necessarily requires the submission of the censure motion”.

“We will request the support of every political party and every parliamentarian”, the PNL Chairman stated.

He announced that Liberals will protest in all the ways against the measures adopted by the Government, including by marches and rallies.

“We are solidary with all those who protect their work, salary, future, not accepting to be robbed by this Government”, Orban added.

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