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June 25, 2022

Report-filing deadline extended by 60 days for cttee of inquiry into 2009 presidential elections

Amending the decision to set up the special committee of inquiry into the presidential elections of 2009, so as to extend its report-filing deadline by 60 days, was included on the order of the day of the joint plenum of the Senate and Lower House on Tuesday.

“The deadline stipulated under paragraph (1) of Romanian Parliament Decision no.39/2017 on the setting up of the Senate and Lower House’s special committee of inquiry into aspects pertaining to the way the 2009 elections were organised and to the result of the presidential elections, with subsequent amendments and supplements, is hereby extended by 60 days,” reads the bill adopted by Parliament.

Lower House member Cezar Preda, PNL’s representative within the committee, stated at the plenary meeting that the committee’s activity has strayed away from its objective, focusing on acting against one person, and pointed out that, for this reason, the activity of the committee should not be extended.

He was contradicted by PSD’s Liviu Plesoianu and Eugen Nicolicea.

“We no longer have someone to hear and we are starting to call back those we heard one or two months ago. People who have nothing to do with the inquiry have come and have started to vent their personal frustrations and spirit of revanche toward the organisations whose members they were. PNL proposes we should close this inquiry with the conclusions that will be drawn by the members of this committee, and we should not occupy the public agenda solely out of our desire to pin down and form an obsession with certain Romanian officials,” PNL’s Lower House member Cezar Preda said.

In his turn, PSD’s Liviu Plesoianu said that “we have all the reasons to re-invite Laura Codruta Kovesi before the committee.”

“Mr Preda, if possible, I would like you to stop this lawbreaking hopping. (…) It’s very good that this committee is continuing its activity. (…) There are all the reasons to do so. We have all the reasons to continue, to re-invite Ms Kovesi, who is not above mere mortals,” Liviu Plesoianu stated.

The parliamentary committee of inquiry into the presidential elections of 2009 will invite Maria Vasii, Liviu Dragnea’s lawyer, who stated on Antena3 on Saturday that “even murders occurred” after those elections.

On Monday, the members of the committee unanimously decided to invite Maria Vasii to its hearings, as a result of her statements.

Likewise, the committee members decided to re-invite former PDL leaders Radu Berceanu and Adriean Videanu.

On the other hand, the committee is not yet issuing a new invitation for DNA Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi, because it is yet to receive the Official Journal issue in which the substantiation of the Constitutional Court (CCR) decision that obligates Kovesi to go before the committee was published.


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