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January 17, 2022

Romania’s Royal House files complaint with the Swiss Police on Nicolae Medforth-Mills’s attempt of unlawful entry into King Mihai’s residence. Nicolae Medforth-Mills: The aggression of the Royal House saddens me deeply

King Mihai’s Press Office has announced on Wednesday that a report was filed with the Swiss Police after Tuesday night Nicolae Medforth-Mills, a nephew of the former royal, attempted unlawful entry into Mihai I’s residence in Switzerland.

“Mr Medforth-Mills forced the door to the house, implicating six people in the incident, including three collaborators of his Majesty’s House. Mr Medforth-Mills physically and verbally assaulted three people. One of them was left with body injuries. In the end, he was prevented from forcing his way into the home. His Majesty had made it clear for several months that he refused to see his grandson, with Mr Medforth-Mills having been repeatedly informed about that. Three nurses that had come to take care of the king witnessed the incident and they could not carry out her duties on time. Also, the nurses made it known that they are afraid of their bodily integrity being violated and that they will discuss at their organisation whether or not to come back to care for the king,” reads a press statement released by King Mihai I’s Press Office.

The incident is said to have occurred just one hour after King Mihai had received the Holy Communion from an envoy from Metropolitan Bishop Iosif of Western and Southern Europe.

On Monday, the Royal House announced that King Michael’s general condition had worsened and the royal displayed continuing weakness, adding that Crown Princess Margareta returned to Switzerland.

According to the statement, the Royal Family this week will have a round of meetings with king’s physicians to discuss the king’s current treatment and receive their advice adjusted for the current circumstances.


Nicolae Medforth-Mills: The aggression of the Royal House saddens me deeply


King Mihai I’s grandson Nicolae Medforth-Mills said Wednesday that he will not join what he termed ”the dirty game” of the Royal House, adding that he will respect his grandfather in these difficult times.

”It saddens me deeply and I do not understand the aggression of the royal house to do everything possible to prevent me from seeing my grandfather and to discredit my image. I will not join this dirty game. I will choose to respect my grandfather in these difficult times, because that is the proper and Christian thing to do,” he wrote in a Facebook post in Romanian.

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