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December 6, 2021

Tariceanu notifies Judicial Inspection over statements made by ICCJ President Cristina Tarcea

Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Monday that he will notify the Judicial Inspection (JI) over the statements that High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) President Cristina Tarcea posted on the judges’ online forum about the bills on the judicial system, claiming that she can no longer be a magistrate.

“Several days ago, Mr President Iohannis said he is no longer interested in my statements, a fairly hazardous statement if we consider that permanent communication between Parliament and the Presidency is an institutional obligation. As Senate Speaker, but also as regular citizen, I am very interested in the statements of the Romanian President and I hope he would revise his attitude. Mr President Iohannis said that the “deep state” does not exist. I contradicted him. Today, I will introduce to him and especially to the public opinion an important member of the “deep state”– Ms Cristina Tarcea, President of the ICCJ – and a “modus operandi” of this group of illegitimate power. I hope that this example will take the President out of his passivity, unless his passivity is programmed, which would confirm that he sponsors the ‘deep state,’” Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated, according to a communique remitted to Mediafax.

According to him, on October 28, the ICCJ President posted on the judges’ online forum the following statement about the bills on the judicial system: “We need all of you. People must know that desisting on the part of the Justice Ministry is a pre-planned monstrosity. We should not allow the start of general or, even worse, of detailed discussions. This does not mean they should do everything they want, and we should keep silent… The ICCJ has always been by your side!!! The important thing is to be united!!! And, trust me, I need you more than ever.”

“The ICCJ President, from the high office she holds and with all the influence that derives from it, has forgotten that her role as magistrate is to enforce the Law, not to break it. She incites judges to break the principle of separation of powers in the state and threatens Parliament in an extremely transparent manner. Ms Tarcea has made statements of this kind before, incompatible with the status of magistrate, statements I publicly warned about. The ICCJ President has no kind of prerogatives in what concerns the process of legislation, but she has the power, along with other judges and prosecutors who have abdicated from their professional status, to put pressure on the members of parliament, via methods that are already known and tested: fabricated dossiers, handcuffs, unjustified imprisonment, public discrediting with the help of the press division of the “deep state” etc. This is the mechanism through which pressure was exerted in many circumstances, and political decisions were no longer taken by those elected but by the illegitimate and unconstitutional “deep state.” Things cannot continue like this and I am obligated, in my capacity as Senate Speaker, to defend the institution and to defend my colleagues from pressures and abuses. Consequently, I will notify the Judicial Inspection about the abuses of the ICCJ President who, instead of being a model of professional conduct, is flagrantly violating – through her calls on judges – the constitutional principle of the separation of powers in the state, and the statute of the magistrate. As a result of the stances she has publicly expressed, I deem that her place is no longer in the magistracy,” the Senate Speaker added.

He warned “all future amateurs” that he will be consistent with this kind of attitude through which he will lobby for democracy and rule of law.

“In February 2016, I tabled in Parliament a bill in which I proposed that the heads of the main prosecutor’s offices and of the ICCJ should be nominated by the CSM, so that the judicial system would come out from under political influence and would thus become truly independent. President Iohannis, who permanently declares he wants an independent judiciary, publicly opposed this amendment, because he wants to continue controlling the judiciary. I believe the negative example offered by the ICCJ President represents yet another argument for me to continue backing my proposal,” Calin Popescu-Tariceanu concluded.


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