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February 8, 2023

USR starts to collect signatures for an initiative on the revision of the Constitution: “No more criminals in politics”

Save Romania Union (USR) starts to collect signatures for an initiative on the revision of the Constitution, so that those who have a criminal conviction cannot be elected in the local administration, in Parliament or as the Romanian President.

“Save Romania Union starts to collect signatures for a citizens’ initiative transposing in Constitution the most important request of the Romanian people who protested in the street this year: no more criminals in public positions” announced the USR Chairman Dan Barna in a press conference.

He said that USR appreciates that this interdiction has to be included in the Constitution in the context of the assault on Justice started through the GEO no.13 by the PSD-ALDE coalition right after they took the power, and culminating after 9 months with the draft law amending the Laws on Justice, which undermines the independence of the magistrates and annuls the reformations made by Romania in this field in the last years.

“USR strongly fought against it and it organized the first protest in the Romanian Parliament against GEO 13, but those who really succeeded to block this attempt of the PSD-ALDE coalition to save the corrupt people were the hundreds of thousands of people in the street. This is why USR makes again a call on the Romanians to sign this initiative, in order to succeed together to stop the assault against Justice. We hope that the PSD-ALDE majority will not afford to block in Parliament a citizens’ initiative signed by more than 500,000 people, like it did until today with all the draft laws initiated by the opposition to clean up the Romanian politics” Dan Barna stated.

The text that USR wants to introduce in the Constitution is: “Citizens who are sentenced to prison by final court decisions for intentional offenses cannot be elected in the local administration bodies, in the Deputies’ Chamber, in the Senate or as the President of Romania”.

“This is an important principle in order for Romania not to be a state which is exposed to the whims of certain people with criminal problems, as we are today, because if the laws refer only to the Government, Liviu Dragnea, for instance, leads the Deputies’ Chamber and rules Romania as he wants. We call on the civic organizations and the people to support this approach in order to bring in Parliament an initiative with 500,00 signatures which cannot be ignored” the USR leader also stated.



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