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May 20, 2022

One book per minute – the selling speed of the absolute Bestseller THE TESTAMENT OF ABRAHAM by Igor Bergler

The official launch  in Bucharest, on Saturday, November 25, at the most important editorial event of Romania, the Gaudeamus Book Fair


If we approximate the hours in which bookstores, hypermarkets and press outlets are open, we reach 10 hours a day. THE TESTAMENT OF ABRAHAM is sold at a rate of 600 books per day. Therefore, taking into account the above mentions, the selling speed of the book written by Igor Bergler is one book per minute. And this is continuous, for more than 60 days, since it was published.

The secrets are an exceptional distribution – there’s no selling point or advertising space that was unused -, a spectacular marketing campaign – projections on huge screens – at the Cocor store, advertisements in cinemas, on TV and in the online environment, advertising on the screens placed in the subway stations.

But first of all, the reason is the extraordinary quality of the book.

“Readers are in love with The Testament of Abraham – from the exceptional look of the cover – your hands simply itch you – you want to grab it, to turn its pages, until the extraordinary richness of the text – everything is fascinating in this book. There are already thousands of reactions of the readers, telling us how excited are because of the book. They are even more excited than by The Lost Bible” said Jean Harris, the English translator of the two books.

We already know that THE LOST BIBLE is the most sold Romanian novel since the Revolution, easily exceeding 100,000 copies in only two years since it was published and being already bought by the most important publishing houses in 11 countries. Other 8 publishing houses are in negotiations!

THE TESTAMENT OF ABRAHAM already looks like it will overcome the first novel of Igor Bergler, The Last Bible.

“If I was supposed to bet on an author that will be successful in Europe and worldwide, I would bet on Igor Bergler. The book is fabulous, and I think it will be even more successful than THE LOST BIBLE. Behind these book, there are thousands and thousands of bookshelves, a vast culture – there are interpenetrations between ages, between cultures, between hundreds of authors, between mathematical and humanist sciences, history, geography. It’s a special way of writing. Igor Bergler will be for the Eastern Europe what Umberto Eco is for the Western Europe!” Rares Bogdan said in appearance at Realitatea TV.

“Sales recorded by The Testament of Abraham in less than two months since it was published make Igor Bergler to be one of the best sold Romanian authors in the last 25 years – any new novel written by him succeeds in dethroning books and authors who are in the top of the literary charts in Romania since a long time ago. A fabulous book, a true treat for the thriller lovers and not only for them. We are very glad that he chose to publish his book with us” stated Dan Vidrascu, the Manager of the Litera Publishing House.

Mihai Iovanel, one of the most important literary criticists of the young generation, wrote on the stage 9: “Bergler’s novel abounds in literary references, from Cervantes, Umberto Eco or Voynich’s manuscript (which is also present in Cartarescu’s Solenoid) to Borges (the story Death and the Compass of the latter is integrated almost ne varietur). The characters have names with bookish resonances or inspired from cinema – Petra Menard (from Pierre Menard of the same Borges), Mabuse, Caligari. Long intellectual talks or stories about lost books of the antiquity interfere with exciting action sequences. Such a burden of inter- and metatextuality is unusual in the literature of consumption. Bergler’s novel illustrates rather the idea of a postmodern metafiction novel: here and only here, Cartarescu can meet Dan Brown, to live happily together forever after”.

THE TESTAMENT OF ABRAHAM will be officially launched in Bucharest, on Saturday, November 25, at 15.00, at the Litera Publishing House stand, at the most important editorial event of Romania, the Gaudeamus Book Fair, held, as usually , in the ROMEXPO Central Pavilion.


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