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April 18, 2021

Veterans’ Day to be marked by military ceremonies and religious services in Bucharest and garrisons nationwide

The Ministry of National Defence on Saturday organizes for the Veterans’ Day military ceremonies and religious services in Bucharest and garrisons nationwide, where there are military units with records of missions in the theatres of operation.

Thus, a moment of silence will be held at the Monument of Heroes who died in the theatres of operation and in Romania (photo), in the Tineretului Park from the Romanian Capital City, at 11 am, in honour of the memory of the heroes who sacrificed their lives for the country, while a religious service will take place and a changing of the guard ceremony will be held at the Monument, to be followed by a rank advancement ceremony for some of the veterans and wreaths will be laid at the Monument, according to a release of the MApN.

The same source specifies that several wreath laying ceremonies will also be organized at the tombs and monuments of heroes across the country dedicated to the sacrifice and heroism of Romanian soldiers who died in the theatres of operation.

MApN specified that the Veterans’ Day was introduced by Law no. 150/2014, regarding the modification and completion of GEO no. 82/2006 on the recognition of merits of the army personnel participating in military actions and granting some rights to it and to the successors of the deceased.

“The day of November 11 was chosen for what it symbolizes – the entry into force, on November 11, 1918, 11 am, of the Truce between the Entente Powers and Germany, after which the First World War ended and the conditions were created for our country to be able to achieve The Great Union of December 1, 1918. The signification of this day for the Romanian Army is also related to the fact that, on November 11, 2003, second lieutenant Iosif Silviu Fogorasi lost his life as the first Romanian military who died in the theatre of operation in Afghanistan,” says the source.

According to MApN, over 1996-2017, Romania lost 29 troops in the military theatres, and 180 others were wounded.

“Approximately 40,000 troops ensured the incorporation of the brigades deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, Western Balkans or other missions in Africa and Europe,” mentions the release.

Photo :www.mapn.ro

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