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March 3, 2021

DIICOT: Two Brazilian citizens caught on Otopeni Airport carrying two kg of cocaine

Two Brazilian citizens were found carrying approximately two kilograms of cocaine that they ingested in their stomachs, by the border policemen and customs officers, on the Otopeni Airport.

According to a release of the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), Rodrigues Gomes Verice (aged 41) and Lourenco Da Silva Weslley (aged 19) were detained for committing the offenses of high risk drug trafficking and international high risk drug trafficking.

On 10 November, at 15:00hrs, at the Border Crossing Point (PTF) of “Henri Coanda” Airport, the two of them arrived to enter the country, but they have been subjected to an X-ray check, thus the officers discovered that they had drugs in their bodies, namely in their stomach cavities.

Prosecutors ordered a physical examination of the two Brazilians, including investigations and medical measures in order to remove the substances or the foreign objects, about which there were clues that it would contain drugs.

When Rodrigues Gomes Verice was taken to DIICOT in order to give his agreement for the physical examination, he eliminated 15 white capsules, and afterwards, at the Floreasca Emergency Hospital, he discarded the last objects in his body, namely 114 capsules, totalising 1.537 kilograms of cocaine.

Moreover, between 10 – 12 November, at the Floreasca Emergency Hospital, Lourenco Da Silva Weslley also eliminated the objects ingested, 43 white capsules, respectively, totalising 426.4 grams of cocaine.

Following the investigation, it was established that the defendants wanted to move the drugs to Istanbul, traveling by coach.

The two Brazilians are summoned on Tuesday to the Bucharest Court House with a 30-day pre-trial arrest proposal.

The operation was conducted together with officers of judicial police within the Bucharest Fighting Organised Crime Brigade – Ilfov Fighting Organised Crime Service. The operation was a collaboration of border police with the General Inspectorate of Border Police (IGPF) – Border Crossing Control and Surveillance Center of Bucharest – Otopeni Airports and the Customs Bureau of Otopeni – Travelers.

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