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September 17, 2021

Bucharest General Mayor presents cultural projects to mark Centenary of the Great Union : We’re not doing events for the elite, we want to be among the people. Regatta on the Thames and Dambovita, new park in Bucharest and folk shows

Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea presented on Tuesday the cultural projects already assumed by the Bucharest City Hall’s Culture Directorate and by the commission chaired by academy member Razvan Theodorescu to mark the Centenary of the Great Union, and pointed out that they consist of numerous exhibitions, the inauguration of a park – because “we need green areas in the city” –, of public monuments, a dedicated Regatta that will take place on the Thames and on the Dambovita, and a school being named after an emblematic historical character.

The Bucharest Mayor pointed out that the events scheduled next year will be meant for Bucharesters, but also tourists, for children, youngsters, adults and seniors, but also for “all tastes.”

“We want it to be our celebration, the celebration of us all. And not just as in certain years events were probably, unfortunately, organised rather for the elite. The elite will at any rate organise these moments – symposiums, forums – but I believe we must go among the people, in the street,” Gabriela Firea stated, news.ro informs.

An idea that the mayor believes Bucharesters will appreciate is the inauguration of a park in 2018. “We need as much green space as possible in Bucharest. We are not on a top position from this standpoint and I believe we must bring this celebration in all fields.”

The Centenary Park, as it is dubbed, will be located in the Heroes Square area and will have a surface area of around 1.2 hectares.

Moreover, a Bucharest school will be named after an emblematic historical character, Firea announced, without giving any other details.

Throughout the year, four public monuments will be built and unveiled: Henri M. Berthlot, King Ferdinand I, I.C. Bratianu and Queen Mary.

Dozens of themed exhibitions will be opened, documentary films, theatre shows, albums and books on the Great Union and the personalities that marked this event will be launched, folk shows will be organised. Moreover, the Centenary will also be marked by special stamp issues.

Firea also announced that partnerships with the city halls of Romanian symbol-cities have been signed, “in order to jointly organise events, visits to the museums, theatres and all the other projects.”

According to the Bucharest Mayor, the Museum of the Municipality of Bucharest (MMB) will arrange the lobby of the City Hall, a building open to visitors during these events, using works of art from picture galleries from the MMB’s collection, made by contemporary artists.

The museum will handle three cinema projects featuring films from the National Film Archive and from private collections. The films will be screened as part of the exhibition titled ‘Edifying physiognomies. All in one. The story of a national project,’ which will open on Friday and will remain open until 28 February 2019.

The National Museum of Romanian Literature proposes ‘The story of the sister capitals: Paris – Bucharest,’ cultural meetings, the ‘Centenary Writers’ and ‘Female Writers of the Great Union’ series, and several mobile exhibitions such as ‘Romanian Intelligentsia and Identity’ and ‘The Fighting Queen.’

The Bucharest Municipality’s Centre for Creation, Art and Tradition (Creart) is preparing ‘Bucharest – The Garden of the Great Union,’ a botanical-architectural installation that will be presented at the Chelsea Flower Show (May 2018) and in Bucharest (September 2018).

The Great Union will be celebrated ‘metaphorically’ too, through the launch of a flotilla that will represent the historical regions of Great Romania, as part of two distinct events, one in London and the other in Bucharest. The ‘Great Union Regatta on the Dambovita and the Thames’ event is organised in collaboration with the Romanian Cultural Institute in London and the ‘Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23’ Association.

The Arch of Triumph Square will become the Centenary Square which will host, in 2018, 12 monthly photography exhibitions marking the moments of the union of the provinces – January, March, June and December.

A re-enactment will take place on Mitropoliei Hill – “Cuza’s Election in Bucharest.”

The “Month of Bucharest” series of events – one of the most important festivities in the city in 1935-1939 – will resume. Thus, concerts and exhibitions will be organised in various points in Bucharest.

At the same time, the Bucharest Municipality’s Cultural Centre (Arcub) proposes “100 Songs for 100 Years,” a folk show in which Romanian and Moldovan singers will take part and which will be transposed on DVD, and ‘The Women who made Great Romania’ – a historical theatre event show.

The Odeon Theatre, Excelsior Theatre, Jewish Theatre, ‘Constantin Tanase’ Theatre, ‘Ion Creanga’ Theatre and Romanian Playwrights’ Theatre, but also the ‘Brancovenesti Palces’ Cultural Centre and the Bucharest Metropolitan Library, will organise various events to mark the Centenary of the Great Union.



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