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August 17, 2022

Journalists Mirel Curea, Dan Andronic heard by the SIPA Committee: “ Some lawyers have been blackmailed with information from the archive “

The First Chief-Editor of Evenimentul Zilei, Mirel Curea, stated on Wednesday when heard by the Inquiry Committee on the Archive of the former Independent Service for Protection and Anticorruption (SIPA), that the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) blackmailed lawyers with information from the SIPA archive.

“Some people have been blackmailed in the last years with data from the files in there. Some lawyers acted as DNA asked them to do, based on data from the SIPA archive. It is your duty to clarify about the information taken by SRI from the SIPA archive”, Curea mentioned.

Mirel Curea also stated that the information and the evidence on the SRI intrusion in the SIPA archive are difficult to be obtained.

“It’s very difficult to get information and evidence about the intrusions of those from SRI who took files from there. All of us remember about the scandal related to the note on General Coldea’s desk. Where from do you think that were taken those names and data that were included on that note? From the SIPA Archive. (…) You should call Mr. Maior, too” the journalist added.

Curea also said that the SIPA service and the Romanian Intelligence Service should be correlated. “SRI must be put in place, it must be put under control. This SIPA service shouldn’t be abolished, it should exist, but under a serious control. Who should control it? You” said the journalist to the members of the committee.

“It’s not so important to me that somebody, by miserable means, that some people, by illegal means, collected a trunk with garbage. I’m interested in who is using that trunk. Ask Mrs. Norica Nicolai, Mrs. Mona Pivniceru, Mr. Turianu cannot be asked anymore since he died, ask Mrs. Rodica Stanoiu how the documents in there have been used” Mirel Curea underlined.


Andronic, in front of the SIPA Committee: 3000 pages have been copied from the archive


Journalist Dan Andronic stated on Wednesday at the meeting of the Inquiry Committee on the SIPA Archive that the “T0 moment” of the situation related to this archive is the moment when the documents in there have been copied, given that more than 3000 documents have been copied.

“Former SIPA officers highlighted to me what it actually seemed and continues to seem to me the T0 moment of this operation, as I called it. I mean that from a certain point, people entered into the SIPA archive, they copied documents, they entered without having any right, and I suppose you will hear a lot of contradictory versions about what existed and still exists in the SIPA archive. I talked with some of the members of the inventory committees. (…) In brief, inventory committees have been formed in 2005, and their work raised many questions. Very close to the SIPA archive there was a high-performance copying machine, and some of the members of the inventory committee even found documents left in it. Therefore, there have definitely been copied around 3000 pages” Dan Andronic stated.

Andronic also mentioned that he couldn’t find out who entered into the SIPA Archive without approval. “According to the testimonies of some SIPA officers, Monica Macovei and Dan Tapalaga entered into the SIPA archive in January, 2005” the journalist said.

As for the report drafted by the SIPA Archive Inventory Committee, set up by the former Justice Minister Tudor Chiuariu, Dan Andronic said that he believes it was illegally classified.

“I can tell you also that the report of that inventory committee (on the SIPA Archive – e.n.) raised big questions. According to the testimonies of the members of the Chiuariu’s committee, they had difficulties to finalize and submit that report. I believe it was illegally classified, it contains the clues of a crime” Andronic underlined.

The journalist named the former President Ion Iliescu as a beneficiary of the information in the archive.

“There were personal information about magistrates. Mrs. Rodica Stanoiu also had access to these information, the reports were reaching the President of the country, Ion Iliescu” Dan Andronic stated.

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