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April 17, 2021

Royal House head Popper, on King Mihai’s health status: It’s fragile

Andrew Popper, the head of the House of His Royal Highness King Mihai I, stated that the health condition of the former royal is “very fragile,” but for the moment it is stable.

“His state of health is fragile. Doctors are currently focusing their efforts to keep His Majesty away from pain and in a comfortable condition. Forecasts are impossible in these cases. We cannot tell. There are better moments, worse moments. Fortunately, for the time being, his situation is stable. But, no doubt that it is a fragile situation which I have explained very clear,” Andrew Popper stated on Wednesday evening at TVR 1 national television station.

Popper mentioned that King Mihai has “moments when he is conscious and moments when he is less conscious.” “It is a normal development for this respective situation. It’s not uncommon,” Andrew Popper mentioned.

When asked why official releases from doctors haven’t yet been released, head of the House of His Majesty King Mihai explained that neither the Swiss law nor their professional ethics allows them to issue this type of releases.

“We, too, wanted that Swiss doctors publish a medical release and we requested them this thing. Unfortunately, they cannot do it and explained their reasons: the Swiss law doesn’t give them the right to issue this type of releases and, at the same time, they are convinced that, ethically speaking, they cannot issue releases regarding the health status of a patient. (…) They are bound to observe their medical secrecy and the patient’s privacy. This is the only reason for which medical releases have not been issued,” Popper explained.

In regards to the absence of new footage with King Mihai, he mentioned that “it would be a violation of His Majesty’s dignity.”

The head of the Royal House added that the last time he met King Mihai was in March, in Aubonne, Switzerland.

“I paid a long visit, I spent an entire day with His Majesty. (…) I tell you, I left satisfied in the sense that, certainly this physical degradation that I told you about intervened, but, at the same time, the most encouraging thing is that I found him calm and content, and, in a sense, happy.

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