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February 26, 2021

Manda: According to SRI, several thousand warrants were requested and obtained each year based on National Security Law

On Wednesday, Claudiu Manda, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee Overseeing the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), presented the SRI’s answer regarding the number of warrants requested and obtained based on the National Security law, from 2004 to 2014, pointing out that their number is in the several thousands per year.

“We received the SRI’s response regarding the warrants requested and obtained based on the National Security and Counter-terrorism Law, law no.51 and law no.535. I can talk to you only about the unclassified information. The warrants are listed per month, the number of warrants, the number of persons, the extensions of and supplements to the warrants obtained,” Manda said.

He listed by year the number of warrants requested and obtained, thus:

2004 – 48 warrants

2005 – 1,350 warrants

2006 – 2,025 warrants

2007 – 1,605 warrants

2008 – 1,918 warrants

2009 – 2,787 warrants

2010 – 3,118 warrants

2011 – 3,431 warrants

2012 – 3,413 warrants

2013 – 3,701 warrants

2014 – 2,497 warrants

Manda said that the data for 2015 and 2016 will be presented when the SRI Reports on those years will be debated.

“We are talking about several thousand warrants each year based on the National Security Law, and we have decided to ask the SRI – ‘how many of these persons whose rights were restricted were deferred to court with proposals of any sort, but for crimes relevant to the National Security Law on whose basis the warrants were obtained?’ We are waiting the ANP’s [National Penitentiary Authority] answer to the question ‘how many persons are there in penitentiaries at this moment?’” Manda added.

The SRI Oversight Committee had asked the Romanian Intelligence Service, on September 17, to present how many wiretap warrants have been requested for national security purposes since 2005, following a notification lodged by a Social Democrat Lower House lawmaker.

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