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April 13, 2021

Turcan, after PNL – Pro Romania meeting: From now on, we plan to collaborate institutionally on very important bills

The representatives of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Pro Romania party met on Thursday, against the backdrop of the Liberals’ overtures to gain support for the no-confidence motion they will table on Friday. At the end of the meeting, PNL First Vice President Raluca Turcan pointed out that from now on the two sides plan to collaborate institutionally on very important bills.

“The meeting was very good in the long term, because we tackled the topic of the no-confidence motion and solutions for rendering the institution of Parliament credible and identifying sustainable, long-term solutions for Romania’s development,” Turcan stated.

She pointed out that the Liberals will send the text of the no-confidence motion to the Pro Romania party, the latter set to adopt an official position on it by tomorrow, when PNL intends to table the motion.

“Also encouraging was the fact that, regarding the censure motion, the topic was not tackled in the sense of replacing Mihai Tudose with someone else and toppling the Government just for the sake of toppling a Government. We discussed what will happen in Romania the moment this Government goes home, because, if we want to get rid of the lack of predictability, the drop in the purchasing power, the destabilisation of Romanian institutions, this Government must go home, and the challenge for us is what to replace it with, how to replace it and how will people believe this is the solution for Romania,” Raluca Turcan emphasised.

The PNL First Vice President stated that another topic concerned the bid to dismiss Lower House Speaker Liviu Dragnea. “The bill we forwarded should be endorsed and its expeditious debate should be requested so that replacing the Speaker of the Lower House could be triggered by a third of the number of Lower House members or at least by the floor leaders of two parliamentary groups. It would be a correct, healthy overture so that the Romanian Parliament would get rid of a leadership that is suspected of grave acts of corruption and of a person who subordinates Parliament’s role to personal and group interests,” she said.

Turcan pointed out that PNL and Pro Romania will collaborate institutionally: “From now on we plan to collaborate institutionally on very important bills, to be able to form parliamentary majorities on bills we will jointly undertake.”

“This discussion was at a superior level of debate, because it did not centre on one person, on one party. We simply talked about Romania and I notice with great, great joy and satisfaction that we have had such discussions not only with the Pro Romania party but also with the representatives of national minorities – including UDMR –, USR, PMP. Basically, it is increasingly obvious that a group of people – which I believe will take institutional shape at a certain moment – is foreshadowed at parliamentary level, a group that would censure what does not work, and especially would offer credible and applicable solutions to what is happening in our country,” the PNL First Vice President added.

Raluca Turcan also stated that PNL takes responsibility for the political gesture of tabling the no-confidence motion, which requires 116 signatures, after which it will talk with all MPs who want to join the Liberals’ overture.

She expressed hope that PSD will not make a mockery of the only constitutional overture for the censuring of the Government.

“We have information that at the level of the leadership of the Lower House and the Senate they are thinking of finding all sorts of solutions for the motion not to be debated or to be pushed back to moments that are unfavourable from a social standpoint – holidays, public holidays,” Turcan claimed.

According to the Constitution, the Lower House and the Senate can withdraw their support for the Government by adopting a no-confidence motion in a joint meeting, with the vote of a majority of Lower House and Senate members. The no-confidence vote can be tabled by at least one fourth of the total number of MPs. The Government is informed on the date of its tabling. The no-confidence motion is debated 3 days after it is presented within the joint meeting of the two Houses. If the no-confidence motion is rejected, the MPs who signed it can no longer table a new no-confidence motion during the same session of Parliament, except in the case in which the Government takes responsibility before Parliament.

On Tuesday, Victor Ponta stated at a press conference that the members of his party – Pro Romania – support the bid to replace Senate Speaker Liviu Dragnea, but do not support PNL’s no-confidence motion because it cannot bring anything good for Romania.


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