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December 2, 2021

PNL and USR table censure motion against Tudose Gov’t

The National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Save Romania Union (USR) tabled on Friday a censure motion against the Tudose Government. The motion was signed by 148 parliamentarians of PNL, USR and PMP, as well as by non-affiliated MPs Sorin Cimpeanu and Daniel Constantin.

The signatories request through the censure motion titled “PSDragnea, [Social Democratic Party, led by Liviu Dragnea] mother to all in the campaign, plague at rule” the withdrawal of the confidence granted to Tudose’s Government, in order to halt “the destruction of the economy”, “the attack on Justice” and Romania’s ousting from the European Union.

“This censure motion comes to support those smitten and lied to by the governance,” leader of PNL deputies Raluca Turcan stated.


PNL-USR censure motion: Stop destruction of economy, cease attack on Justice


“The current PSD-ALDE [PSD – the Alliance of Liberal and Democrats – governing coalition – ed.n.] governance has succeeded in record time to provoke generalised chaos in all vital domains – from health to education, taxation, justice or infrastructure. In less than a year, the PSD-ALDE governance has thrown to the dustbin the promises made during the campaign and, with them, Romanians’ hopes for a better life,” the motion’s signatories maintain.

According to the document, “the benefits of a substantial economic growth have been overturned by populist, chaotic measures taken in the economy by the world-wide renowned pair of economists Dragnea-Tudose against the business milieu and the honest contributors in this country.”

The governing programme has been “an illusion” and the current governance has become “illegitimate through lying”, the PNL and USR parliamentarians claim.

“This governance has not only become illegitimate through lying, but it has also become a real danger for people and businesses in this country. Irresponsibility, stupidity and wickedness are concocted together by Dragnea and his camarilla into a lethal combination, that can only lead Romania to disaster,” reads the censure motion.

The parliamentarians who signed the motion further claim that PSD has taken over a governance with a stable economy, with good, healthy perspectives and has started to demolish and improvise “a clay house.”

“And here you are, putting up crutches against crutches, tying with wire when you should use spikes, you are using cardboard instead of brick, you no longer understand which is the load-bearing structure and you strike at the very foundation … and you don’t cease to present this shack, which is obviously on the verge of crumbling, as super architectural engineering. Perhaps you, Mr Dragnea, Mr Tudose, you burst into inner laughter at the thought of your shams. But Romanians start crying when reaching for their pockets and notice that all prices are going up, instalments the same, wages drop or, at the very best, stay the same, the contribution to pillar II privately managed pension funds is decreasing, and taxes and duties are going up,” the initiators of the motion affirm.

According to them, Liviu Dragnea and Mihai Tudose lied to the employees in the public sector with wage raises of 25 pct which prove to be “smoke screen” and they never said anything during the electoral campaign about transferring contributions or “the property theft triggered from pillar II privately managed pension funds.”

The signatories of the motion add that the current government has “disrupted” everybody with the amendments brought to the Tax Code. “Without explanations, without an impact study, without dialogue and support from employers’ organisations and trade unions, against everybody, you have imposed this tax mayhem. Not even the parliamentarians who back you on behalf of the coalition can vouch that wages will not drop. It is the icing on the cake, after the split VAT fiscal experiment that instilled terror into the business environment,” they state.

The PNL and USR parliamentarians also claim that the current governance has ruled out the cap on social contributions, the cap on child rearing allowance, has reintroduced the supplementary excise duty on fuels, has increased the taxation on part-time contracts.

According to the censure motion, Romanians’ purchasing power is dropping in full economic swing, fuel prices are up 12 percent from August to November, electricity prices are up 7 percent in October as compared to September and the gas prices are due to increase by 6 percent.

The signatories of the motion further claim that Liviu Dragnea “insists” on attacking the independence of Justice.

“Mr Dragnea, you would better understand that Romanians do not suffer and will not suffer to give clearance to theft from public money through share bearer companies, to the image of the organised criminal group Tel Drum, which hide impressive personal real estate riches investigated by prosecutors in Romania, the European Union or South America. Mr Dragnea, the more you insist on attacking the independence of the Justice, the more you will convince more people that, as a matter of fact, all you are after is to close your own criminal cases, and your demarche is doomed. The idea that PSD is carrying out a so-called ‘Justice reform’ is tantamount to nonsense, it is as if thieves are crying out thieves,” the document reads.

According to the motion, if there is a “parallel state”, it is led by Liviu Dragnea and Calin Popescu-Tariceanu.

“If there is a parallel state, Mr Dragnea, Mr Tariceanu, it is certainly under your ruling. It is the state where theft and deceit are ruling, the state in which it is not you who have to be in the people’s service, but the people and the state’s institutions must serve and obey you. Mr Dragnea, the parallel state is the one you are planning, the state in which the leader of the governing party is prosecuted with setting up a criminal group and the loathsome trio Florin Iordache – Eugen Nicolicea – Serban Nicolae are leading the attack on the judicial institutions in order to remove the heads of the prosecutors’ offices and to close your criminal cases,” the signatories further write.

They add that the current executive has the highest number of dignitaries, ministers, secretaries of state, agency heads but “deliver the worst governing exercise.”

The PNL and USR parliamentarians continue by maintaining that dismissing the Government should automatically lead to the repeal of the emergency ordinances that have created the tax “chaos” and to halt the attack on Justice.

The parliamentarians who signed the no-confidence motion also request the promotion of a state budget for 2018 with a significant share for investments and a deficit level well below 3 percent, as well as the reformation of institutions and companies managing public investments.

They also request that all projects capable of affecting Justice independence or meant to dilute or decriminalise offenses be abandoned, and Parliament, in a constitutional collaboration with the Legislative Council “put some order” in legislation.

“We therefore ask you to vote the present censure motion with responsibility. We ask you to think of what the governance exercise should be and how far it is from what you have told people when you asked for their votes. You are not Dragnea’s parliamentarians, nor Tudose’s, you are not the political property of any landlord or group of interests. (…) We urge you to vote for the adoption of this censure motion and the withdrawal of the confidence granted to Tudose’s Government, because we know this is the only honourable thing that remains to be done at this moment. Through your vote, you stop the destruction of the economy, you cease the attack on Justice, you keep Romania within the European Union!” the PNL and USR representatives communicate to parliamentarians.


PM    Tudose on PNL – USR motion: Opportunity to present Romanians what Government has done in past year


The motion tabled in Parliament by PNL-USR is an opportunity to present Romanians what the Government has done in the past year, Prime Minister Mihai Tudose said on Friday.

“I think that, besides being a legitimate instrument of the opposition, it is also an opportunity to present Romanians what the Government has done in the past year,” said the head of the Executive.



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