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Former Prince Nicolae: The statement on the acceptance of the withdrawal of the title wasn’t written by me, I was forced to accept it, I refused to sign it .I was offered support – the price for the my exile and silence

Former Prince Nicolae says that his statement since August 2015 on the acceptance of the withdrawal of his title wasn’t written by him, he was forced to accept it and he refused to sign it and there is no signed agreement related to his final departure from Romania. Moreover, he claims that the financial support offered by the Royal House wasn’t really a support, but the rice for his exile, silence and removal, things about which King Mihai, “who is also an exile”, doesn’t know anything.

Former prince posted on Facebook on Sunday a press release by which he clarifies his status within the Royal House and the manner by which he was excluded.

He says he chose not to disclose these details out of respect for his grandfather, and now he reveals them also out of respect for him.

“Since two weeks, I watch with astonishment and sadness the statements and information given to the press by people who are more or less related to what currently means the Royal House of Romania. The things written below are details that are still unknown, which I decided not to disclose out of respect for my grandfather and for the poor health condition in which he was and is lately. Now, also out of respect for my grandfather, King Mihai, I must reveal tem. Most of the information released in the press lately by these persons have come to unfairly and cruelly harm my grandfather’s image and what he represents for the history of this nation. People have the right to be informed and to have their own conclusions on what is happening, starting from the king’s health condition” begins his press release the former prince Nicolae.

He claims that he was forced in August 2015 to accept the withdrawal of the title and that he refused to sign the statement.

“My statement since August 2015 on the acceptance of the withdrawal of the title wasn’t written by me. I was forced to accept it, I refused to sign it and it is still signed until today. There has never been any agreement or consent signed, related to my final departure from Romania and the condition not to come back. I wouldn’t have accepted such an exile to be imposed to me” the former prince continues.

He says he returned to Romania in November 2015 to solve the situation related to his alleged child, which is still unsolved, since there is no medical evidence supporting the accusations of his mother.

“The modest support offered by the Royal House from which I had just been excluded, was offered to me in order to handle the situation for a few months if I would have been forced to rebuild my life in another country. Unfortunately, now I realize that this money was offered to me for a totally different reason. It wasn’t a support, but the price for my exile, silence and removal” the former prince Nicholas continues.

He also says that after he was removed from the Royal House, he saw his grandfather only once, in Aubonne, in 2015, at his grandfather’s birthday, and he spoke then with King Mihai about their common passions, and the latter asked him how does he feel in Romania and what are his projects there. “At that moment, I understood that the king didn’t even know that I was forced to leave the country. It was a private talk between me and my grandfather. They took care to be the last one” he says.

The former prince also says that after he informed his aunt Margareta that he arrived in Bucharest to solve several personal problems, including the one related to his alleged child, inviting her to meet him, he received an e-mail in which he was accused that he ignores “a so-called desire of the king”, and therefore the Royal House ceased his financial support.

“Later, I received a letter from the king, written on the computer, in which I didn’t find at all my grandfather. I was coldly told that I am forbidden to live or work in Romania from that moment. Knowing him well, I am sure that my grandfather, King Mihai, who is also an exile, wouldn’t have asked me to leave Romania for good” Nicolae Medforth-Mills also says.

He also accuses the Royal House of not providing information on the King Mihai’s health condition.

“In Switzerland, the physicians are not allowed to publicly disclose the medical case, but the patient’s family is. The more so as they would like to clarify the speculations on the health condition of my grandfather and if he was involved or not in my removal from the family and the Royal House. But probably exactly this is the reason for which only uncertainty, ambiguity and aggressiveness are preferred instead of a correct information, based on palpable evidence” prince Nicolae concludes.

The scandal between the Royal house and Nicolae Medforth-Mills started almost two weeks ago, when the former prince was accused of attempt of unlawful entry into King Mihai’s residence, at his residence in Switzerland, where he forced the door of the house, involving six persons in the incident. At that time, former prince Nicholas said that he doesn’t understand the “aggressiveness” of the Royal house to do everything it can to prevent him from seeing his grandfather.

One day later, the former prince’s mother, Princess Elena, declared herself disappointed and worried about the actions of his son and she stated that, by his behavior, he “disregarded the intimacy, the suffering and the dignity” of the former sovereign. She said that King Mihai reproached to Nicholas in a letter that he did nothing to clarify the paternity “of his alleged daughter, a two-year old girl”, which is “an unacceptable lack of responsibility”. In his turn, former prince Nicholas declared himself disappointed and profoundly saddened by the stubbornness of the members of the Royal House, as well as of her mother, appreciating that it would be noble for everybody to show respect in such a moment and to let go “any personal ambition”.

On November 6, the Royal House announced that King Mihai’s general health condition has worsened and that he has a strong weakness, with a significant decrease in resistance, and that Princess Margareta already is at the private residence in Switzerland. Another press release issued on November 8 stated that the celebration of Saint Michael and Gabriel finds His Majesty King Mihai in distress and there will be no event organized at his residence. It also mentioned that the Eucharist religious service was performed to King Mihai on Tuesday, by a representative of His High Holiness Metropolitan Iosif of Western and Southern Europe.

The Head of the Royal House, Andrew Popper, stated on Wednesday for TVR that King Mihai’s health condition is very poor, but it has been stabilized for the moment, and doctors are doing all their best to keep him away from pain. He mentioned that the king “has moments of consciousness and moments when is not so conscious”.


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