Treasure road – TelDrum

21 million.

No matter how one is to think about this figure, whether translating it into kilometres, light-years, people, or buildings, whether transposing it into a mathematical algorithm, regardless of how one is to try to mentally understand it quantitatively, arithmetically or simply as an idea, something in the mind of any person – limited to daily, commonplace fractions of the order of tens, hundreds or thousands – boggles down, freezes for a few moments and loses the line of thought.

And when the symbol of the euro or of any other currency of reference appears next to the 21 million, the shock turns into stupor, and then into sudden nervousness.

Most of us regular mortals cannot fathom – not even in the most phantasmagorical and nicest dreams or motivational visualisation exercises long-practiced based on some highly successful book written by one of the even more successful coaches, trainers, and other kind of sellers of well-being, success, and prosperity in life – such a treasure worthy of a veritable king Midas or Solomon.

However, the 21 million euro exist. And not anywhere in the world. And not in any pocket or account of who knows what billionaire or millionaire of the planet. The 21 million euro exist, well-masked and well-protected in the accounts of no one else but the genuine leader of the Romanian political Left – Mr Liviu Dragnea.

Yes, I know. Theoretically, there is also the idea of “presumption of innocence.” Which in free translation says that, until proven otherwise (which unfortunately based on the multiple evidences so far tends toward the infinite), the uncaught thief passes for an honest tradesman.

When all is said and done, who could one blame for the disappearance of the 21 million euro in European funds? They disappeared behind a Teleorman County company from the sticks. A company that happens to be called TelDrum and whom enemies and ill-talkers (see the DNA via OLAF) have accidentally and maliciously linked with the name of the honest and continuously hunted PSD leader Mr Liviu Nicolae Dragnea.

I would have to make another mention here. OLAF should not be confused with the mysterious cyclone that might have fallen upon Romania with severe cold and ice, or with the funny Olaf the Snowman.

OLAF, the one fallen as a wrath upon Mr Dragnea, has to do with the European Antifraud Office and with issues that have to do with detecting and censuring corruption and financial and economic black holes which, for instance, keep making the European money allocated to the Romanian state for some 20 years now disappear.

Of course, any of the persons close to Mr Dragnea, such as his party colleagues – whom he calls upon so many times with such emotional warmth of comradeship in his voice, so intimately calling them by their first names (Mihai, Gabriela, Sorin etc.) – or those from a distance who are not party colleagues but who are, at any rate, his political guild colleagues, and various other branches and ramifications of the same origin, such as Elena, or Calin, or any other lady or gentleman from among the redoubtable political props –, could give testimony in favour of the innocence and absolute purity of the one who has ended up being the most hunted and harassed man of the day in Romania.

Consequently, in a moment of funny and ironic amusement, at the election of the new leader of TSD last week, Mr Dragnea was welcomed by his younger colleagues of political piracy on the rhythms of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ soundtrack. An emotional and suggestive gesture, I would dare say.

A veritable national redeemer, demonised and transformed into a political pirate by the people of Soros, of the deep state and by other toxic and jealous types of people who are yet to accept that Liviu Dragnea, raised on the pedestal of PSD, represents the absolute and maximum incarnation of well-being for the Romanian state and nation.

But, that is life…

Difficult, ugly, and sad things keep happening to the honest Mr Dragnea. Three criminal prosecution dossiers on the dockets. Three unfortunate dossiers in which he is prosecuted for abuse of office, use of false documents or statements to obtain undue European grants, the use or presentation – with ill will – of false, inaccurate, or incomplete documents or statements, obtainment of undue benefits. And, on top of that, a horrible label as the brains behind an organised crime group and so many other enormities and atrocities committed against the Romanian state. Issues that Mr Dragnea denies with obvious annoyance and fatigue before the press.

Now, speaking sincerely, how could a man whose only preoccupation for well over 20 years has been to engage in politics and to put himself at the service of the state and of citizens in exchange for a minute public sector salary do all these mind-boggling and sinister things and also steal – sorry, embezzle – tens and hundreds of millions of euro?!

And, to convince ourselves that this is basically impossible, we can ask a medical doctor, a teacher, a pensioner or any other individual paid by the Romanian state, who works from morning until midnight for a salary of a few millions – a great part of which does not actually exist because it is automatically transferred as taxes, fees and other quotas channelled toward the state budget –, whether they are or are thinking of becoming millionaires or billionaires in euro out of the salary they receive monthly from the state.

Hence, Mr Dragnea is as clean as a tear and as innocent as a baby.

However, unfortunately, or fortunately, the trouble is that Europe does not believe in fairy tales. Especially when it concerns the money of all its member countries and of all the citizens of these countries that endorse and credit Romania and its politicians with their confidence and their money.

Europe is not Romania.

Hence, the fraud pointed out by OLAF in the Tel Drum case, worth 21 million euro, will be covered by the Romanian state with the taxpayers’ money!

And since trouble always comes in threes, in perfect synchronicity with the storm of DNA dossiers, the annoying and ingrate CVM has also fallen on the head of Mr Dragnea but especially on Romania.

The CVM which, like an apocalyptic Sybil, does not say good things this time around either. There continue to be problems in the judiciary area in Romania, which is far from being respected and functional in its true and democratic parameters. And this, apparently, also because of the political class which keeps launching frontal and flanking attacks on it.

I will no longer make the effort of rhetorically asking myself what political class or what part of the political class we could be talking about. It would be a gesture as stupid as it is useless.

However, all is well when it ends well.

For the time being, Mr Liviu Dragnea has retired a bit, strategically, collegially, and politically at Herculane, for another Executive Committee meeting and maybe a brief and beneficial treatment with thermal waters and fresh air. There he will be able to think better, in a more relaxed and more inspired manner, his next political move. One translated into a possible and grandiose mobilisation of the great Social Democratic front, with a spectacular taking to the streets in the form of an unprecedented “spontaneous” demonstration of the multitudes of PSD fans, supporters, and voters.

And, why not, maybe into another victory just as spectacular as the ones registered so far in court, in the implementation of the fantastic governance plan and in coming up with other future – and countless – ways of taxation in Romania.

Fresh air, several trusted friends and money can work veritable miracles.


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