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March 3, 2021

Defence White Charter draft adopted by Parliament

The joint plenum of the Senate and Deputies’ Chamber on Monday unanimously adopted the 2017 Defence White Charter draft, submitted to Parliament for approval, after the bill was assumed by the Government and approved by the Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT).

Social Democrat Deputy Eugen Bejinariu presented the joint report of the parliamentary committees for defence, mentioning that it was backed by a unanimity of votes.

“The White Charter of Defence is drafted by the Ministry of National Defence in view of complying with the provisions of the National Defence Strategy and implementing the objectives in the defence field, established through the governing programme and in compliance with the provisions of NATO’s strategic concept,” he specified.

On June 30, the Government assumed the 2017 Defence White Charter, which reflects the provisions of the governing programme for 2017-2020 and is based on the National Defence Strategy for 2015-2019, as approved by Parliament.

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