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March 27, 2023

Former PM Ciolos: Some PSD leaders’ furious attack on MEP Sorin Moisa’s gesture shows their fear of honest people

Ex-Premier Dacian Ciolos wrote on Facebook on Sunday that PSD leaders “have understood nothing” from MEP Sorin Moisa’s resignation, stating that their “furious” attack shows their fear “of honest, clean, professional people who cannot be attacked any other way but with invectives.”

“Unfortunately, the comments of PSD leaders demonstrate that they have understood nothing from the resignation of Sorin Moisa. Or, if they have, they prefer not to take responsibility for something because – isn’t it so – in order to survive in the party they say one thing and think another,” ex-Premier Dacian Ciolos wrote on Facebook.

Dacian Ciolos stated that some PSD leaders’ “furious attack” on Sorin Moisa shows their fear of “honest people.”

“Some PSD leaders’ furious attack against a common-sense gesture made by a man who believes in values and in political principles shows, in fact, their fear of honest, clean, professional people who cannot be attacked any other way but with invectives,” Ciolos wrote.

The former Premier also wrote that Moisa ran as PSD candidate while he already had a recognised professional career, “without the need for him to be someone’s man,” contrary to what some of the Social Democrats are claiming.

“I have worked with Sorin many years, both in Bucharest and Brussels. When he ran for PSD in the European Parliament elections, I understood he was doing that because he believed in Social Democratic values. He did it after he already had a recognised professional career, without having to be someone’s “man,” as some of his former party colleagues insist, probably accustomed to offices obtained based on oaths of fealty to the Boss,” Ciolos pointed out.

PSD MEP Sorin Moisa announced on Saturday, on Facebook, that he resigns from PSD, stating that the party is throwing Romania into the dustbin of history to protect Liviu Dragnea from the past, pointing out that the situation in which the PSD leader finds himself – OLAF’s fraud accusations – will cost us billions.

Moisa also criticised the poor performance in drawing European grants, as well as PSD’s attempt to distance Romania from the EU and NATO.

Sorin Moisa’s gesture has been criticised by several Social Democratic leaders who reproached him for being close to Dacian Ciolos, and for the relationship he had with Victor Ponta.

On Saturday, PSD MEP Ioan Mircea Pascu told Sorin Moisa that PSD “took Romania into the EU and NATO,” adding that the gesture of his “former colleague” was inevitable considering that his closeness to Ciolos was greater than his closeness to PSD.

Labour Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu called Sorin Moisa “a small and unimportant Securitate member.” She said that PSD did not ask MEP Sorin Moisa he should become Premier, stating that she does not understand why he joins the EPP “instead of Ponta’s little party forming a group,” wondering whether there is a “Securitate’s party” within the EP.

Viorica Dancila, leader of PSD’s Group within the EP, stated that the way Sorin Moisa resigned was not “collegial,” wondering whether the Ciolos Government’s “failure to draw a single RON from European grants in 2016” caused Moisa any discomfort.

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