Military parade for National Day to be held the Arch of Triumph

Approximately 3,500 troops and specialists from the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Interior and the Romanian Intelligence Service are going to participate on December 1, alongside troops from several allied or partner countries, in the military parade organized in celebration of Romania’s National Day, at the Triumph Arch Square, the Ministry of National Defence (MApN) announced on Tuesday.

More than 300 foreign troops to also participate in the parade will come from Bulgaria, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Republic of Moldova, Slovakia, USA, Turkey and Ukraine.

According to the MApN, there will be more than 350 technical means presented at the parade, out of which some 50 aircraft.

Bucharest will also host a military and religious ceremony, and a wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Carol I Park.

On the occasion of the National Day, the representatives of the Romanian Army will participate, upon request and with support from the local authorities, in the preparations, organization and carrying out of the military, religious and wreath laying ceremonies, meetings with the military and war veterans, parades and exhibitions of military technique and weaponry in some of the garrisons where there are large units deployed.

The national flag will be hoisted in all the military institutions across the country, while the maritime and river ships will dress overall. Troops currently in mission in the theatres of operations will carry out military ceremonies and specific activities on the National Day.



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