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May 13, 2021

Kelemen Hunor on no-confidence motion: UDMR will probably abstain

Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania( UDMR)  President Kelemen Hunor stated on Tuesday, after the meeting of the party’s joint parliamentary groups, that the Union will not back the no-confidence motion tabled against the Tudose Government and the party’s MPs will abstain from voting.

“There are many things that can be criticised, we will state them; we can’t know when the debate will take place, we’ll be present at the debate, this is important because the no-confidence motion is an extremely important instrument regardless of how you position yourself – on the side of those criticising the Government or on the side of the ruling coalition, but we cannot back the no-confidence motion, just like we cannot fully back the Government either. We will probably abstain from voting, which means both the white and the black balls will be cast into the ballot box. If something changes before the debate on the no-confidence motion – we don’t know when that will be – we will let you know,” the UDMR President stated on Tuesday.

Kelemen Hunor said that, following an analysis of the no-confidence motion, the result was that it is impossible for UDMR to endorse it.

“We’ve analysed the text of the no-confidence motion, because any decision is taken based on the text. I informed my colleagues about the discussion I had last week with Raluca Turcan and Iulian Dumitrescu and we analysed everything that the no-confidence motion and the vote on the no-confidence motion means at this moment, the offer made by those who tabled the no-confidence motion, whether they propose something to replace the current Government, and we noticed that listed under the conclusions is nothing but a deficit of 3 percent, the need for transparency and the cutting of red tape, but there is no mention of the Premier’s name, of the direction in which they want to take the country, no public policies in the most important sectors and no governance platform elements, at least the basis on which a governance platform can be built. In these conditions, it’s difficult to back a no-confidence motion, it’s almost impossible,” the UDMR President explained.

Likewise, Kelemen Hunor said he had no discussion with the PSD before the meeting of UDMR’s joint parliamentary groups.

The no-confidence motion tabled by PNL was read on Monday, within Parliament’s joint plenum, by PNL’s Lower House member Dan Vilceanu. In it, the Liberals are asking for the withdrawal of support for the Tudose Government in order to stop it from destroying the economy and from taking Romania out of the EU.

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