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October 21, 2021

No-confidence motion to be debated and voted upon on Thursday

The no-confidence motion initiated by the National Liberal Party (PNL) and Save Romania Union (USR) titled “PSDragnea – a boon during the campaign, a bane at rule” will be debated and voted upon on Thursday, at 11:00 hrs, as decided by the Standing Bureaus of the two Chambers of Parliament.

The no-confidence motion tabled by PNL was read on Monday, within Parliament’s plenum, by PNL’s House member Dan Vilceanu, the Liberals asking for the withdrawal of the confidence conferred upon the Tudose Government, in order to stop it from destroying the economy and taking Romania out of the EU.

The Liberals tabled the no-confidence motion last Friday. Titled “PSDragnea – a boon during the campaign, a bane at rule,” the motion lists the “lies,” “failures” and measures which, they show, have destabilised the economy in the ten months that have passed since the PSD-ALDE coalition formed the Government. The motion was signed by 148 MPs from PNL, USR, PMP and independents.

“We advise you to vote in favour of adopting this no-confidence motion and of withdrawing the confidence conferred upon the Tudose Government, because we know it’s the only correct thing left to do at this moment. Through your vote, you will stop the destruction of the economy, you will stop the attack on the judiciary, you will keep Romania within the European Union!” PNL points out in the no-confidence motion.

PNL claims that the sacking of the Tudose Government must lead “immediately and automatically to the repealing of the emergency ordinances that have generated fiscal chaos and to stopping the attack on the independence of the judiciary.” “The current PSD-ALDE Government has managed in a record time to cause generalised chaos in all the vital fields – from healthcare to education, to taxation, the judicial system or infrastructure,” PNL points out.

PNL encourages the leaders of the ruling coalition to “dare believe” that fuel prices have grown by 12 percent from August to November, the price of electricity has grown by 7 percent from September to October, and by 12 percent compared to December last year, the exchange rate has surpassed RON 4.64/EUR, and the ROBOR index is more than twice the level registered early this year (over 2 percent compared to 0.8 percent).

UDMR President Kelemen Hunor announced on Tuesday, after the meeting of the party’s joint parliamentary groups, that the Union will abstain from voting the no-confidence motion that PNL has tabled against the Tudose Government, claiming that the signatories are not proposing alternatives to the PSD Government: no nominee for the Premier’s office, no direction in which they want to take the country, no public policies in the most important sectors and no governance platform elements.

“We noticed that listed under the conclusions is nothing but a deficit of 3 percent, the need for transparency and the cutting of red tape, but there is no mention of the Premier’s name, of the direction in which they want to take the country, of public policies in the most important sectors, and no governance platform elements, at least the basis on which a governance platform can be built,” Keleman Hunor stated.

The UDMR President said that in these conditions it is difficult, “almost impossible,” to back a no-confidence motion.

PNL President Ludovic Orban announced on Monday that the Liberals will once again stage protests in all counties, including at the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, on the day the no-confidence motion against the Tudose Government is debated and put up for vote in Parliament.

“We have publicly announced, since last week’s Executive Bureau meeting, that we will organise demonstrations in each county seat and, likewise, we will also organise demonstrations in Bucharest. The demonstrations’ centre of gravity on the day of the debate and the vote will surely be Bucharest, Parliament. Consequently, we will certainly organise demonstrations,” Ludovic Orban stated.

The leader of PNL said that the only problem the Liberals have is the obstructive attitude of the majority which, in his opinion, intentionally did not set a clear timetable for the debate of the no-confidence motion, so as to lower their capacity to organise.

“One can obtain maximum mobilisation if one roughly knows the hour and the day on which the motion will be debated, and their tactic is precisely the same tactic they used in what concerned the day and hour of reading the motion,” Orban explained.


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