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March 1, 2021

Orban: Dragnea’s puppet Tudose was absent from reading of no-confidence motion. Insolence is in fashion at PSD

National Liberal Party (PNL) President Ludovic Orban criticised, on Monday, Premier Mihai Tudose’s absence from the reading of the no-confidence motion, calling him “Dragnea’s puppet” and stating that the Head of Government has once again shown he does not have “the slightest respect” for citizens and democracy.

“Tudose, Dragnea’s puppet, has shown once again he doesn’t have the slightest respect for democracy and for Romanian citizens, by being absent from the reading of the no-confidence motion, a motion addressed firstly to him, as Head of Government. I see insolence is in fashion at PSD,” PNL President Ludovic Orban stated.

On Monday, Premier Mihai Tudose was absent from the reading of the no-confidence motion, as were most of the members of Government.


“PSD-ALDE majority wants to scuttle PNL’s efforts to present motion across the country”


PNL President Ludovic Orban stated on Monday that the parliamentary majority “mocked” the no-confidence motion tabled by the Liberals, PSD-ALDE refusing to set the date of its debate, Orban stating that on that date PNL will organise demonstrations in the country and in Bucharest.

“Today, simultaneously with the reading of the no-confidence motion in Parliament’s plenum, PNL organised throughout the country the public presentation of the motion, before the citizens of each county. We don’t understand the way the parliamentary majority considers it should mock PNL’s democratic overture which is backed by tens of thousands of people throughout the country. As you well know, the parliamentary majority has refused for the date and hour of the debate and vote to be set within the joint Standing Bureaus. The same majority imposed the quick reading of the motion within Parliament’s plenum, in the hope that maybe it would scuttle PNL’s efforts to publicly present the motion throughout the country,” PNL President Ludovic Orban stated.

Ludovic Orban stated that PNL will carry out a campaign to inform citizens about the no-confidence motion.

“We have publicly announced, since last week’s Executive Bureau meeting, that we will organise demonstrations in each county seat and, likewise, we will also organise demonstrations in Bucharest. The demonstrations’ centre of gravity on the day of the debate and the vote will surely be Bucharest, Parliament. Consequently, we will certainly organise demonstrations. The only problem we have is the obstructive attitude of the majority that intentionally did not set a clear timetable for this no-confidence motion, so as to lower our capacity to organise. One can obtain maximum mobilisation if one roughly knows the hour and the day on which the motion will be debated, and their tactic is precisely the same tactic they used in what concerned the day and hour of reading the motion,” Orban said.


“We have increasingly serious signals that PSD and ALDE plan to impeach the President”


PNL President Ludovic Orban stated on Monday that he has increasingly serious signals that PSD-ALDE wants to impeach President Klaus Iohannis so that “Tariceanu, Dragnea’s right-hand man” would take over as acting President and promulgate the amendments to the judiciary laws.

“We have increasingly serious signals that out of the desperate desire to save Dragnea, Tariceanu and other PSD leaders from the consequences of their actions, the hollow PSD-ALDE majority is hatching up the procedure to impeach President Iohannis. The precise objective is Mr Tariceanu – Dragnea’s right-hand man – taking over as acting President so as to apply a blow to the judiciary, a blow that didn’t work with Ordinance 13 or with the package of laws that Justice Minister Toader clamoured,” PNL President Ludovic Orban stated at the end of PNL’s Executive Bureau meeting.

PNL fears that PSD-ALDE “is capable of anything” to force the procedures that would allow them to replace the chief prosecutors and to promulgate their amendments to the judiciary laws.

Asked to point out what those signals are, Orban said that “only those who don’t want to see them can’t see them.”

“Not that [Liviu] Plesoianu stated it. The PSD Resolution, all the attitudes building a justification for such an overture. Dragnea and Tariceanu’s despair has reached critical points and they are capable of anything, they almost no longer care about the natural and normal course of democracy in Romania. PNL warns these leaders who are detached from reality to simmer down and to give up any kind of overture that would affect Romania’s image, democracy in Romania and the independence of the judiciary,” PNL’s leader said.

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