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December 6, 2022

Tariceanu about Iohannis’s suspension: I don’t know who launched this issue, ask PNL

Senate’s Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu denied on Wednesday that President Iohannis’s suspension is on the coalition’s agenda, mentioning that he doesn’t know who launched this issue.

“I don’t know who launched this issue, I guess you should rather ask PNL. I don’t speculate on speculation. No, clearly and without any doubt. No!” Tariceanu stated.

On the other hand, asked by RFI if he, as a PSD parliamentarian, should discuss inside the party about President Klaus Iohannis’s suspension, Liviu Plesoianu answered: “In my opinion yes, but regarding the following two issues. First: the one related to the article in the Romanian Constitution saying that the president must be a mediator in the society. But when a president goes in the street in a red jacket, instigating, inciting to protests that aim to remove a Government, because that’s what it was all about, not about something else, that president is no longer exercising his constitutional role as a mediator”.

Plesoianu claimed that we are in front of a new possible case.

“If Mr. Tudorel Toader will demand Mrs. Kovesi’s dismissal, including based on the fact that Mrs. Kovesi has violated the Constitution and she didn’t observed the CCR decisions, including the last one that was published one week ago in the Official Journal, which is directly related to her, therefore if Mr. Tudorel Toader will send the dismissal request on Mr. Iohannis’s table and Mr. Iohannis will break it in pieces saying that everything is OK with Mrs. Kovesi, there is another  reason for suspension, because the Constitution also says that the first guarantor of respecting the Constitution must be the President of Romania himself. But if the President of Romania says that it’s OK for someone, whoever it is, Mrs. Kovesi, Mrs. Popescu, Mrs. Ionescu, to violate the Constitution and the CCR decisions, it means he assumes these violations and he doesn’t respect the role the Constitution requires. In my opinion, this is a reason for suspension, without any doubt” the PSD MP stated.

PNL Chairman Ludovic Orban warned on Monday that he has more and more serious signals that the PSD-ALDE majority is preparing to suspend President Klaus Iohannis from the desire to save Liviu Dragnea and Calin Popescu Tariceanu “from the consequences of their actions”.


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