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March 1, 2021

Tel Drum case: Suspects’ assets frozen. DNA prosecutors take precautionary measures on Liviu Dragnea’s mobile and immovable assets

National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors have frozen the assets of the persons criminally prosecuted in the Tel Drum dossier, Liviu Dragnea being among the persons targeted by the prosecutors’ measure, judicial sources told Mediafax.

According to the mentioned source, the suspects have been notified and are expected to show up at the DNA headquarters to be informed that their assets will be frozen.

With this measure, the prosecutors are trying to recover the damage caused in this dossier, which is estimated at EUR 20 million and RON 30 million.

In the Tel Drum dossier, DNA prosecutors announced, on November 13, that Liviu Dragnea is being criminally probed for setting up a crime syndicate, abuse of office and the embezzlement of European grants in order to favour the Tel Drum company when it came to the awarding of public contracts.

The guilty acts were allegedly committed at the time Liviu Dragnea was Chairman of the Teleorman County Council.

Eight more people are pursued in the same file.

The dossier was opened as a result of a notification that prosecutors received from OLAF (the European Antifraud Office) on 30 September 2016, regarding suspicions of illegal obtainment of European grants for roadworks.

Prosecutors state that the members of the crime syndicate allegedly conceived its activity in stages, depending on the areas, companies, and influence they had.


DNA prosecutors take precautionary measures on Liviu Dragnea’s mobile and immovable assets


Prosecutors with the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) took precautionary measures against Liviu Dragnea’s [Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber and chairman of the Social Democratic Party] mobile and immovable assets, but also against the rest of the suspects in the “Tel Drum” case, DNA announced on Tuesday.

According to a release sent to AGERPRES, the measures were ordered in order to recover the damage of the case, which is estimated at over 127 million lei.

In Liviu Dragnea’s case, who was President of the Teleorman County Council at the time of the crimes, a distraint and a precautionary garnishee attachment up to the amount of 127,547,366.34 lei were instituted, “over all mobile and immovable assets, shares and equity interest owned by him with private legal entities, over the amounts of money in bank accounts, as well as over the amounts of money owned to him with any title, by third parties, including amounts owned as rent,” the release mentions.

The same precautionary measures have been taken for Florin Nedelea, who is a representative of SC Tel Drum SA, Victor Piperea and Marin Predescu, both public servants with the Teleorman County Council at the time of the offense.


Dragnea: I’ll go at the DNA. A distraint on life is up next probably


PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Tuesday that he will go to the DNA headquarters to be officially notified about the freezing of assets in the Tel Drum dossier, complaining that “a distraint on life is up next probably.”

“We were still believing we could become a normal country in which one does not hear from the press information leaked via illegal channels. We were made the scapegoats at the referendum, to end up convicted for the fact that text messages were sent from the party, we were made a target every time PSD wanted to do something for Romania, how am I used as a means to block the judiciary laws and by whom? By people who are hiding,” Liviu Dragnea said.

The PSD President said he will go to the DNA headquarters to be notified about the freezing of assets. “I’ll go to take over the distraint. A distraint on life is up next probably. (…) I’m a man who has a face, who speaks, those who are against me are hiding, they crucify people. I told my colleagues not to pay notice, to follow the road just as we established during the elections campaign.”


Liviu Dragnea met by few dozen PSD members at DNA, but also by people who jeered and shouted ‘Resignation.’ Gendarmes deployed in large numbers once again


Liviu Dragnea arrived at the DNA on Tuesday evening, where anticorruption prosecutors were about to inform him that his assets have been frozen in the Tel Drum dossier. He was jeered by several persons who shouted he should resign. Likewise, a few dozen PSD members were outside the DNA, just like on November 13 back when Dragnea went to the DNA to be informed he was placed under criminal prosecution. Similarly, gendarmes were deployed in large numbers.

PSD President Liviu Dragnea arrived at the DNA headquarters at around 17.30 p.m.

He was jeered by several persons who gathered outside the DNA headquarters, who shouted “resignation.”

Flanked by gendarmes, the PSD leader struggled to make his way through the crowd of people, which included journalists.

A few dozen PSD members gathered outside the DNA headquarters once again, PSD Secretary General Marian Neacsu and Lower House member Catalin Radulescu among them.

“We’re a number of colleagues who felt the need to come. We are party members, but it’s not a party action,” Marian Neacsu said.

Likewise, impressive numbers of gendarmes were deployed outside the DNA headquarters, just like on November 13 back when Liviu Dragnea was at the DNA to be informed he was placed under criminal prosecution.

One of the gendarmes explained that their presence there was in line with procedures, in order to ensure a person’s access.

On November 13, Carmen Dan was saying that a hiked number of gendarmes was needed bearing in mind the large number of persons present there.

“The Gendarmerie ensures access to and the perimeter of that institution’s headquarters. Their number is flexible. There were also numerous persons present at the DNA. Based on the conditions that appeared when that activity was organised, the Gendarmerie increased its presence so that no incident would occur. The Gendarmerie was present because it was one of the activities that fall under its responsibility,” Carmen Dan was stating back then.


PSD leader leaves DNA jeered but also applauded


PSD President Liviu Dragnea left the DNA on Tuesday evening after spending approximately half an hour inside the institution. On his way out, he was jeered by those who oppose him and who had gathered outside the National Anticorruption Directorate’s headquarters, while the applauses of PSD members present there were also heard from the crowd.

Dragnea left the DNA headquarters at 6 p.m. and struggled to make his way through the crowd, managing to do so with the help of gendarmes who made sure he was able to reach his car.

He was once again jeered by several persons who shouted “Resignation” and “DNA should detain you.”

The leader of PSD made no statements.




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