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January 17, 2022

BNS, Cartel Afla and 39 civic organisations call on Romanians to take to the streets on Sunday

They claim the withdrawal of the judicial laws and the resignation of the Gov’t and of the Speakers of the two Houses of Parliament


Thirty-nine civic groups and non-governmental organisations, as well as the National Trade Union Bloc and the Cartel Alfa union confederations have launched a call on Romanians to take to the streets on Sunday, starting at 18:00 p.m., and to ask the withdrawal of the judicial laws and of the laws amending the Criminal Codes, the rejection in Parliament of the ordinance amending the tax legislation, as well as the resignation of the Government and of the Speakers of the Lower House and Senate.

The signatories of the call launched on Facebook – ‘Romania 100’ Platform, Corruption Kills, Romanian Centre for European Policies and Freedom House being among them – state that Romania has reached one of the gravest moments in its post-communist history, comparable to the miners’ riots of the 1990s, the financial crisis and the cutting of public sector salaries in 2010.

“The political confiscation of the judicial system, the capture of the state by a political mafia that weakens anticorruption legislation in order to get rid of penal accountability, the political and institutional war triggered by the Government against civil society, the parliamentary majority’s attacks on NATO and EU allies, the fiscal chaos and the accelerated depreciation of the Leu, the price hikes and the budget deficit hike will throw Romania de facto outside the European Union and NATO. The consequences of today’s governmental decisions will follow us for decades, will place us in the sphere of political authoritarianism, of theft from public funds, of the impunity of politicians and of poverty,” reads the call launched by 39 civic groups and NGOs and by the National Trade Union Bloc and the Cartel Alfa union confederations.

The civic organisations which are calling on people to take to the streets on Sunday, starting at 18:00 p.m., state that Romania is being trampled, the ruling coalition disregarding or ignoring the opinions and legitimate interests of the civil society and of the representatives of the judicial branch of government, who unequivocally expressed their opinion against the amending of the judicial laws.

“The Government’s only permanent preoccupation consists of the “rights” of criminals, and not at all of justice for the victims or the recovery of the stolen money. Appointments to public office have brought us persons of flagrant incompetence and with a level of morality that is at least questionable. Romania is today in the situation in which negotiations or collective contracts at national or sectoral level can no longer take place. Consequently, employees are increasingly less protected and the risk of social inequity places us rather alongside countries to the East of the European Union,” add the initiators of the protests.

They also state that, starting on January 1st, the employees will be left to their own devices, will be fully accountable for the way the employer implements the transfer of social security contributions, but also for the financing of the pension and healthcare systems, for the way the contributions are collected, but also for solidarity with vulnerable persons.

“In brief, the current ruling coalition supports theft, inefficiency, chaos, and lack of transparency, invoking the winning of the elections with a non-observed governance platform. Our future and the future of our children is in danger. It is time we demand a political change of substance to avoid, at the last minute, a national catastrophe from which it would take decades to recover. For all of this, we call Romanians into the street for honest Romania’s peaceful fight against theft, authoritarianism and corruption. We demand the resignation of the Dragnea-Tudose Government and the resignation of the main culprits for the current state of affairs – Mr Dragnea and Mr Tariceanu – from the offices of Speakers of the two Houses of Parliament. Without these resignations, the Romanians’ chances to live in a stable and prosperous society based on respect for the rights of all, on honesty and competence, will be irredeemably destroyed,” add the signatories of the call posted on Facebook.

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