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September 27, 2021

MRP’S Pastarnac talks with Italy’s Ambassador about case of Romanian woman held captive

Minister for Romanians Abroad Andreea Pastarnac (photo) talked on Thursday with Italy’s Ambassador Marco Giungi about the case of the Romanian woman who was held captive for 10 years in the peninsula, a release of the Ministry  issued on Thursday informs.

“In order to grant immediate support to the Romanian citizen victim and the two children found in Italy in cruel conditions, in Lamezia-Terme city, the Ministry for Romanians Abroad (MRP) has activated the inter-ministerial group, which is made up of  all relevant institutions of Romania – the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Interior Ministry, the Labour and Social Justice Ministry, the National Authority for Child Rights Protection, the National Agency against Human Trafficking,” the quoted source reveals.

Furthermore, the MRP informs that Minister Andreea Pastarnac “urgently” summoned Italy’s Ambassador to Romania, in order to talk about the complexity of the case and closely collaborate in order to identify urgent and fast solutions for this type of situations.

The MRP considers this case a priority and permanently keeps in touch with local authorities, the release shows.

According to the leggo.it website, a Romanian woman, aged 29, mother of two children, aged three and nine, was the victim of violence, sexual abuses and slavery which she was subjected to, between 2007 and 2017, by an Italian citizen, aged 52, who was arrested by the Police.

The Italian investigators discovered that the family lived in a small insanitary shack, with no electricity and amenities, that was infested with mice and bugs, in Gizzeria village of Catanzaro province.

Because of the unsanitary conditions, the woman and the two children were transferred by authorities to a protected area.

Additional investigations revealed that the woman, former caretaker of the defendant’s ex-wife, who passed away in the meantime, was living isolated for almost 10 years, first, in different flats, and then in that shack. She was treated as a slave, being repeatedly raped – abuses following which she birthed the two children – presenting serious injuries in her intimate area, being molested even during her pregnancy.

The woman, who was most of the time locked in the shack and repeatedly subjected, for several hours, to unimaginable violence, immobilised and tied to the bed, was not allowed to have social relations or receive medical care, not even during her pregnancy, being even forced not to wash for more than a year, the source informs.

Many of the violence acts she was subjected to were committed in the presence of her two children.

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