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December 6, 2021

No-confidence motion debate in Parliament, pro-motion manifestations surrounding Parliament Palace. Censure motion, rejected

The censure motion initiated by the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Save Romania Union (USR), was rejected in the joint plenary sitting of Parliament on Thrusday, with 159 votes in favour, 3 against and 23 abstentions. To be adopted, the motion needed minimum 233 votes in favour.

The voting was secret.

A large number of PSD and ALDE PMs left Parliament’s plenary session after USR Senator Nicoleta Dinu started to read the censure motion.


Human chain around Parliament’s Palace during the debate


In the meantime, a few thousand people have gathered on Thursday at Parcul Izvor in order to build a human chain around Parliament’s Palace during the debate of the censure motion. People were carrying placards that read “PSDragnea resignation”, “Thieves by day and by night”, “PSDragnea recipe – the munificence leading to poverty.” The protesters have clamored with whistles, vuvuzelas, and other mouth-blown instruments.

“The censure motion “PSDragnea [Social Democratic Party, led by Liviu Dragnea], mother to all in the campaign, plague at rule” is a demarche with strong enough arguments to convince any parliamentarian with still a shred of conscience to vote for it”, Liberals’ leader Ludovic Orban stated during the debate.

The National Liberal Party (PNL) leader considers that, in so far as parliamentarians are allowed to vote, the censure motion might stand a chance.

“Perhaps someone will have some dignity, perhaps someone will show some courage, perhaps someone will listen to people’s will and not Dragnea’s orders. In case that someone follows Dragnea’s orders he shows to be truly cut off from the Romanian citizen, that he no longer has any respect (…) that he doesn’t care about his interests and he is nothing more than Dragnea’s servant. I want to believe that in Romania’s Parliament there are more representatives of citizens than Dragnea’s and Tariceanu’s [Alliance of Liberals and Democrats Chairman – ed.n.] servants,” Orban said.

According to him, there also exists an alternative to the government, and “PNL is ready to govern at any time.”

During the censure motion debate on Thursday, Save Romania Union (USR) parliamentarians were wearing white armbands with two black stripes which symbolise “the parallel state”, USR leader Dan Barnea appreciating that the current Government is “even more toxic” than the one led by Sorin Grindeanu.

“We, colleagues from USR, are wearing on our arm this band which stands for ‘the parallel state’, because what is happening these days in Romania shows that there truly exists a parallel between what politicians believe and the parallel state, which actually means the fight for supporting justice, against corruption and for the rule of law. The abandonment of the rule of law is presently under discussion in Parliament and therefore we, the ones in USR, alongside Romania’s citizens are the real state, the state parallel to what corrupt politicians mean, who currently intend to turn justice in a crippled institution, at the majority’s whim,” USR Chairman Dan Barna affirmed before the beginning of the sitting.

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose stated on Thursday in Parliament’s plenary sitting that a censure motion is a constitutional right, specifying that PNL has transformed this legitimate right into “an opportunity to be populists, demagogues, to put on a show based on a script completely severed from reality.”

“I first and foremost appreciate the gestures of colleagues in the Liberal Party to allow a younger colleague to read it [the censure motion – ed.n.] without fundamentally taking responsibility for its contents (…) A censure motion represents a constitutional right and as democratic an exercise as possible. Unfortunately you have transformed this legitimate right into an opportunity to be populist, demagogues, to put on a show based on a script completely severed from reality,” premier Tudose stated at the censure motion debate lodged by PNL and USR, titled “PSDragnea, mother to all in the campaign, plague at rule.”

He referred to Ramona Nicoleta Dinu, the USR senator who read the text of the motion.


Turcan: PSD remains obviously the biggest enemy of democracy


PSD remains obviously the biggest enemy of democracy, PNL deputies’ leader Raluca Turcan said on Thursday.

“So predictable for the PSD. I wonder where are you going? To support your leader on the steps of the DNA? “PSD remains obviously the biggest enemy of democracy and as intolerant of freedom of expression as it was in the 1990s. It is clear for the whole country that the leaders of the current ruling coalition are running in a direction opposed to Romania. The actions of this Government are increasingly directed against the national interest. It governs against the citizens and the defiance and the arrogance you have come to prove have reached level hard to imagine. Absent Mr Dragnea and Tariceanu, Mr. Tudose, dear colleagues, there have been arrogant people with criminal files, but none of them dared, as you did, to change laws and rules to get rid of justice or possible sentences,” Turcan said at the debate of the censure motion.

She added that Dragnea, Tariceanu and Tudose want to turn back time “to practices and ways of operating before joining the European Union,” but the country will not tolerate such a thing.

“You live with the illusion that you can fill all public positions with illiterate and uneducated people, that you can change laws to get rid of your own files, that you can give state property to ridiculous prices, but your calculations are wrong and you will be held accountable for what you are doing (…)

No enemy of Romania would have been able to act more efficiently against the country’s interest than you are doing. Political crime is when you hear the convict ones, at the level of the parliamentary committees. Why don’t you move parliamentary committees directly to Jilava [Prison] if you are more concerned with the convict ones than the people, if you are more concerned with fictitious hearings than with making laws for the people? No leader of the majority, no minister, no MEP took a stand when, in a Securitate-like way, non-governmental organizations were attacked, when laws to turn their life into a nightmare were initiated,” she said.



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