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February 25, 2021

Sinaia, awarded at World Ski Awards!

The qualities of Sinaia, the most famous mountain resort in Romania, on the Prahova Valley, have been recently recognized internationally. Specifically, Sinaia won the trophy and the status of the Best Romanian Ski Resort; the trophy was given to the representatives of the city at the World Ski Awards Gala held in Austria.

From November 17 to 19, 2017, Kitzbühel, an Austrian locality, became the center of the world for the winter sports industry. This was because hundreds of representatives, shareholders, managers and specialists met at the most prestigious event dedicated to the world ski industry – the World Ski Awards Gala.

Resorts, hotels, cottages and tourism agencies dedicated to the winter sports from 30 countries all over the world, including some of them internationally recognized, such as Austria, France, Italy, as well as countries where touristic development achieved major progresses, like Japan, China, New Zeeland or Australia, have been awarded. We have to say that Romania was one of the participating countries, 2017 being the first year when our country was included on the list of nominees at World Ski Awards, the only global initiative that awards and promotes excellence in winter tourism, an event that reached the 5th edition this year. Specifically, nine ski resorts in our country have been awards Sinaia, Poiana Brasov, Predeal, Azuga, Ranca, Arena Platos, Straja, Vatra Dornei and Vidra Transalpina. Out of the nine nominated resorts, Sinaia won the trophy and the status of the Best Romanian Ski Resort by direct voting, the information being announced trough a press release of Sinaia Municipality.

The trophy was given to the representatives of the city at the World Ski Awards Gala, namely to the Mayor of Sinaia Vlad Oprea and to the Manager of the Sinaia Ski Domain, Maria Floricica; they represented “the Carpathian Pearl” at this event. When he returned to Romania, at home, in Sinaia, with the most important trophy of the resort, the mayor of the city, Vlad Oprea, wished to say: “This is obviously an extremely important distinction for our city. It’s very important that Romania was included, for the first time this year, on the lists of the nominees. This is an international acknowledgement, a certification of all the initiatives at national level. For Sinaia, this is a crowning of the efforts made for 10 years. In 2007, Sinaia Municipality and Sinaia Local Council started a number of major investments in the ski domain. Three cable-based installations, two gondolas and a chairlift, as well as two artificial snow installations have been built since then, snow-blasting machines have been purchased, new slopes have been opened, and the old ones have been arranged. We built on the ski domain one of the most beautiful touristic cottages in Romania: Stana Tarle. We estimate these investments at a total value of EUR 32 million, a huge amount for a so small city. Such a trophy gives you confidence at a certain extent, it confirms a certain potential. I thank to all those who have supported us all these years, I congratulate people in Sinaia, because the award belongs to them, too, and I hope this kind of distinctions will become usual for this kind of industry in our country, in the coming years. We can only develop together”.

The Sinaia resort, considered to be the core of the winter sports in Romania, has a complex and challenging ski domain dedicated to the skiers with a certain level of experience. It is the highest ski domain in the country (2,103 meters in altitude, the Furnica Peak), and a brief overview of the ski domain rightly certifies the fact that Sinaia has obtained the status of the Best Romanian Ski Resort. Thus, the alpine area is placed on the top of the mountain, at an altitude of 2,000 meters, on two valleys of the Bucegi Plateau: Dorului Valley and Soarelui Valley; here there are two chairlift installations. The two installations serve seven ski slopes for beginners and for intermediate level. The abrupt area is placed between Cota 2000 and Cota 1400, being deemed as “the cherry” on the Sinaia ski cake. The reason? Carp, Tarle, Papagal and other untouched and abrupt ski routes – Carp is the most abrupt slope approved in Romania – have become over the time the reason for which the powder and freeride lovers chose Sinaia for recreation. The slope called Drumul de Vara is also here; it is one of the most beautiful, long and important slopes of the city. Drumul de Vara starts from Cota 2000 and goes to Cota 1400, after several spectacular mountain twists and landscapes. It is a medium-level slope, over 3 km long, with a 600-meter level difference. It is the most accessible connection between the two elevations: Cota 2000 and Cota 1400. The sub-alpine forest area relates to the area below Cota 1400. It is represented by Partia Noua, with a length of 3 km and a 400-meter level difference. It is a low altitude, intermediate slope, easily accessible by gondola and served by an artificial snow installation. It starts from Cota 1400 and goes through the forest until the gondola departure station. The slope for beginners is also here, being served by a baby-ski installation.

We mention that the sole shareholder of the Transport Urban Sinaia Company, which administers both the ski domain and the new cable-based installations in the resort – Sinaia Gondola, Carp Gondola and Soarelui chairlift – is the city of Sinaia. As the local authorities have already announced, the preparations for the new winter season have started at Sinaia. The artificial snow installations have been switched on at Cota 2000, in the Soarelui Valley; the ski season will be opened most likely in the first half of December, depending on the air temperature and on precipitations.



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