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October 16, 2018

Ombudsman on constitutional challenge of Tax Code: We also need economic, financial information

Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea has said that in order to better understand the effects of the amendment to the Tax Code, economic and financial information is also needed, in addition to those provided by petitioners.

“I have requested additional information from the petitioners, namely the National Liberal Party (PNL), trade union leaders, and officials on the other hand, to clarify some details, such as the way in which the collective negotiations are now taking place, the pace at which the collective agreements and wage increases, especially in the private sector, succeed or fail to succeed. (…) In order to better understand the mechanism, we need different information as well, including of an economic and financial nature,” Ciorbea said Thursday Parliament Palace after a debate on detention conditions.

Asked about when he intends to make a decision on notifying constitutional challenge of the Tax Code provisions, Ciorbea said “after December 1.”

“There is time pressure, but we are trying to be as correct as possible in our job and try to indeed realise what the implications of this ‘tax revolution’ are. What is clear is that the practical effects will be seen later. It won’t be until February when we actually see how many will get higher pay and how many lower pay. Until then, the problem is to be able to feel, to figure out the reality, because, as you can well notice, the approaches are so trenchant on both sides; we find it hard to understand the issue caught in the middle as we are. Of course, we focus on the unconstitutionality aspects, on whether or not the caseload of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) has been breached and others,” said Ciorbea.

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