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March 4, 2021

PM Tudose on Justice package: Certain changes a must, no civilized state without independent justice

Premier Mihai Tudose, speaking on Thursday evening on a TV channel, said that certain changes regarding the laws of justice must be made, as no civilized and functional state can exist without independent justice.

Asked at private broadcaster Antena 3 to state his position on the necessity to adopt the laws of justice, Tudose replied: “I think certain changes need to be done. We want a strong state, we want a state whose three pillar powers – legislature, executive, and the judiciary – each do their job and none supersedes the other. Let there be no abuse by either party. Let neither politics interfere with justice – as this would be a disaster – nor justice meddle with politics, because it would bode the same disaster. There have been slippages on all sides, we’ve had Presidents who were meddling with the other two powers, we’ve had all the possible situations in Romania, all combinations. This must stop, and I think we are in the situation where everyone wants such a state of affairs (…) to stop. This is how I feel.”

The head of the government cautioned that justice should not be the “boss” of the others.

“We want a normal Romania, we want a normal country, but (…) there is no civilized, functional state without independent justice, yet independent doesn’t mean that it should be the boss of everyone else. No state exists without being headed by a government authority, but this is the executive arm, it does not rule above all, and the same goes for justice and everybody else. In the legislating area, Parliament is the fundamental institution of democracy, but this does not mean that Parliament is the head of justice or (…) that Parliament hands down rulings,” said Tudose.

According to the PM, a very clear and well-defined legislative system is needed.

“If everyone see to their own province and do it well, and we also have a legal framework in place to put things in order, and each power is functional and prevents the others from overstepping each other – and in fact this is not necessarily about the power itself, but rather about individuals, their exponents, as we don’t talk about an antagonism en bloc to each other but about personal vendettas or, who knows, someone’s thirst for grandeur and taking someone else as a target. In my opinion, a very clear and well-defined legislative system is indeed necessary,” Tudose concluded.


“Next year Romania might record economic growth of more than 6 percent”


Prime Minister Mihai Tudose maintains that next year Romania could record an economic growth of over 6 percent, considering that the current year will close with the same percentage.

“I believe next year, if we are to close this year with an economic growth of , I hope, six [percent], around six, overall per year, so next year it will be higher than six,” Mihai Tudose told Thursday night at private TV broadcaster Antena 3.

At the moderator’s remark that according to the estimates of the European Commission the projected growth for Romania will be “four something”, Tudose replied: “Mister, remember the Commission’s estimates at the beginning of the year? Much worse.”

“Do you remember that (…) I told you about a discussion with the International Monetary Fund? Not with the very Fund but with its representatives here, who were preaching a painful death and similarly, at the beginning of September. What with the deficit, what with the amendment, that we are all going to burst into flames. I showed them the figures, they said they have some estimates, but they will do the math again, that this was what it looked like to them. Now they came back and said: ‘It’s like you said, a big, sustainable growth.’ (…) The share of consumption is low, the lowest in Europe. The share of consumption in Germany’s Gross Domestic Product and economic growth is twice as big as Romania’s. Nobody is saying that industrial output has grown by almost 10 percent, exports on industrial output have. (…) Why do you think I am telling you that I am optimistic as to Romania’s future path? This growth is due to some measures that we have taken this year, the governing coalition, the Government and which lay the foundation of a sustainable development for next year too,” the premier completed.

Tudose added that we have growth this year, but “we are just planting the seeds.”

“Next year the construction of motorways, the construction of hospitals begins, things that bring added value. And if not even then we don’t have a sustainable growth….Forgive me, are we guilty that we have a big economic growth? the Prime Minister further said.


“Pension Law underway, hardest law Romania can have”


The pension law is in the works and “might be ready” next year, premier Mihai Tudose communicated Thursday night, specifying that this is “the hardest law” Romania can have at present.

“The pension point is rising starting next year (…) – a 10 percent rise. The pension law is underway, maybe it will be ready next year, we will see how long its implementation will take and (…) the order in which it will be implemented. (…) It will be very difficult to process millions of cases, to recalculate. (…) Simulations are being carried out at the Labour Ministry, procedures are being conducted, the budget impact is being established, how fast we can do it, in how many stages we can do it and how long it will take so that when we launch it for public debate to have the answers to all the questions, as it is a very demanding law, very serious, I believe it is the hardest law Romania can have today,” premier Tudose stated for private TV broadcaster Antena 3.

According to the head of the executive, there are” inequities to solve” in this domain.

“In the end the pension is not charity that someone receives from the state. It is his/her right, his/her reward. And big slippages have occurred there. (…) Two people worked equally hard, during the same interval, in similar circumstances, with equal qualification, they retired at a two-year interval and they have incredible discrepancies as to their pensions. This cannot be. People must feel that they are treated as they deserve after a life’s work,” Tudose further said.

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