Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels: Romania’s President hails the importance of fully implementing the Action Plan called “20 deliverables for 2020”

President Klaus Iohannis stressed on Friday the necessity that the European Union continue to consistently support the modernisation and reform efforts of the six countries of the Eastern Partnership, underscoring that it is not enough for the EU to request partners to implement reforms, without the Union, in its turn, grant all the necessary support for this purpose, a release of the Presidential Administration informs.

According to the quoted source, in his speech delivered during the Eastern Partnership Summit, President Iohannis highlighted the progress recorded by eastern partners in the Summit of 2015, hailed the fact that the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia continue to follow their European aspirations and encouraged the continuation of a solid and committed policy of the EU in its eastern vicinity, which should become, through irreversible progress, a predictable, stable and prosperous space, one that is attached to European values and principles.

“The main message of President Klaus Iohannis aimed at mobilising some concrete results that must be achieved, to the direct benefit of citizens who, in Romania’s view, must be the main beneficiaries of the Eastern Partnership, until the horizon of 2020. Romania’s President hailed in this regard the importance of fully implementing the Action Plan called “20 deliverables for 2020,” that was discussed at the Summit, which is the most important result of it,” the Presidential Administration reveals.

Moreover, the head of state evoked on this occasion, the priority action lines, able to generate the recognition, at the citizen’s level, of the benefits of cooperation inside the Eastern Partnership and respond to the strategic lines of its consolidation: from good governance, justice reform and fighting corruption, until enhanced interconnectivity, improvement of cross-border infrastructure, energy security and harmonization of regulations in the services area.

“In Romania’s vision, the priority action lines, able to translate the benefits of the Eastern Partnership cooperation at the level of the citizens of the Union states and partner countries, refer to strengthening institutions and good governance in partner countries; strengthening their resilience, which must be complemented by a rigorous reform process, especially in the areas aimed at combating corruption; the rule of law; the observance for the fundamental rights, increasing the involvement of partners in the Common Security and Defence Policy, respectively, including in the EU missions and operations, and last, but not least, the exchange of good practices,” the Presidential Administration informs.

At the Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels there have been presented the concrete results of the EU collaboration with its eastern partners, set at the previous meeting, in Riga, where the member states and the six partner countries took on an ambitious action plan called “20 deliverables for 2020.” A declaration was adopted at the summit, which, together with the action plan, form a comprehensive package.

On the sidelines of this meeting, the head of state had bilateral meetings with Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Pavel Filip, who also attended the Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels.


Meeting with the Moldovan Premier: Romania determined to support R.of Moldova on European path


President Klaus Iohannis stated on Friday in Brussels that Romania is determined to support the Republic of Moldova on its European path.

“The Republic of Moldova is, if we talk about the Eastern Partnership, at the centre of Romanian concerns and there are good signs, the reforms are moving forward, certainly, there is still much to do, but there is improvement that makes us confident that the Republic of Moldova really wishes to mark and strengthen the European path. (…) Romania is determined to support the Republic of Moldova on its European path. Whether this path means the integration within the Union or something else, it obviously depends on Moldovans and not us, in Romania, but we are willing to continue our support further along the line desired by the Republic of Moldova, in hope that this path will be a European one,” President Iohannis specified after the meeting with the Moldovan premier, Pavel Filip, on the sidelines of the Eastern Partnership Summit.

“We are helping the Republic of Moldova on multiple levels – institutionally, through certain training programmes, through collaboration, concrete measures included, for example the important financial aid that Romania granted the Republic of Moldova. So to us, help is not something that we plan sometime in the future but the aid we have practically, concretely and institutionally granted, and not for a few days but for a few years now, and we strongly intend to pursue this road,” Iohannis underscored.

Asked what he thinks of the Republic of Moldova’s integration into the European Union through unification with Romania, the head of state said that “it is not a very feasible path at the moment.”


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