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February 26, 2021

PNL’s leadership approves Venice Commission being notified of changes in justice legislation

The National Standing Bureau of the opposition National Liberal Party (PNL) convened in Oradea on Friday to approve the Venice Commission being notified by the PNL parliamentary groups of amendments to Romania’s justice legislation, PNL national leader Ludovic Orban announced at the end of the meeting.

“A decision to notify the Venice Commission was approved today following the refusal by the majority in the joint meeting of Parliament’s standing bureaus to accept Parliament’s notifying the Venice Commission, as suggested by the European Commission in the Co-operation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) report. We have decided to send a notification to the Venice Commission from the PNL parliamentary groups to ask for a mission, if the plenary session on December 8-9 fails to consider the notification, for the Venice Commission to look into the amendments to the justice legislation,” Orban told the media.

He added that BPN decided to challenge with the Constitutional Court, on Monday, Parliament’s decision to set up a select committee to deal with the codes of law and other justice legislation.

Both decisions approved on Friday had been announced by Orban on Wednesday, when the standing bureaus of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate denied PNL’s request to ask the Venice Commission for an opinion on the contentious amendments to the justice legislation.

“Today [Wednesday], the joint meeting of the standing bureaus rejected our request to postpone the debates and ask for the Venice Commission for an opinion, as also suggested in the CVM report and by European officials as well. We will address the Venice Commission as parliamentary groups to ask for its point of view and perhaps to send a delegation or a mission to Romania, if possible. Also, we will challenge with the Constitutional Court Parliament’s decision amending the regulation of this select committee, which was turned into a firing squad for the execution of judicial independence,” Orban said at the Parliament House.

At the end of Friday’s meeting, he added that, at the proposal of the mayor of Oradea Ilie Bolojan, a proposal to change the tax legislation so that the entire income tax becomes a source of income to local budgets to compensate for the losses incurred on the local administrations by the latest amendments to the Tax Code will be submitted to the convention of the National Congress of the League of the PNL Locally Elected Officials, which takes place in Cluj-Napoca on Saturday.

PNL also decided to take part in the protests scheduled for Sunday against the amendments to the justice legislation and to the Tax Code. “We will urge all members and sympathisers of the National Liberal Party to participate in the Sunday’s protests throughout the country. The fight continues!,” said Orban.

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