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January 19, 2022

UDMR’s Kelemen: Union Centennial, an opportunity to assess, open new framework for dialogue with majority. Close to 250,000 signatures collected for Minority SafePack in Romania

National leader of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Kelemen Hunor, said in Targu Mures on Saturday that the centennial of Romania’s December 1, 1918 Greater Union must be an opportunity for the Hungarian community to take stock on and open a new framework for dialogue and collaboration with the Romanian majority in order to build a common future.

Kelemen mentioned that members of the Hungarian community have to talk about the values they have created and that have contributed to the development of society, but at the same time they have to express their wishes and shortcomings.

“There is very little anti-Magyar and ultranationalist manifestation … (…) Without wishing to offend anyone, (…) we have to ask ourselves – what has changed after 100 years (…) Here, in Targu Mures, the issue surrounding the Roman Catholic High School, in the case of the Hungarian community, and other cases throughout history, show us that we can regress, not just advance. So we have to say that the Union Centennial should be a period when the Romanian majority accepts what we are asking for a dialogue in which we will have a new relationship, a new framework for collaboration between the majority and the minority … I see a common future, a future that we build together here in Romania and in Transylvania ,” Kelemen told the opening of a meeting of UDMR’s women’s organisations hosted on Saturday by the Palace of Culture in Targu Mures.

He added that a self-confident majority will never fear a minority, and what the members of the Hungarian community are asking for will not “make Romanian society poorer,” but it will “help it feel good, feel at home.”

“We can respond well to these challenges if we are honest, if we are honest and, without having the slightest intention to offend, ask the Romanian majority to think seriously about how we see the future together. What we need to do is not be scared in the year 2018, but to talk about what values we have created in sports, in sciences, in the economy. We have to show that we are a community that creates values, and if we provide these answers well and correctly, then I am sure that there will be openness in the Romanian community and a desire to speak honestly about these things,” said Kelemen, according to the official translations provided during the event.


Close to 250,000 signatures collected for Minority SafePack in Romania


National leader of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romaniua (UDMR) Kelemen Hunor, said in Targu Mures on Saturday that the Minority SafePack initiators are close to collecting 250,000 signatures in Romania in support of this European citizens’ initiative designed to contributes to protecting and advancing the interests of national and ethnic minorities in Europe.

“We are very close to getting the number for this initiative, so that the protection of ethnic minorities may get a common legislative rule in every European Union member state … (…) Even if we reach a million signatures, things will not be easy. We do not promise that a million signatures will solve the issues. There will be many debates; decisions will be made and we believe that, just as we have been able to introduce the issue of ethnic minorities, we can also find partners who believe that 50 million people who are part of a language, ethnic or religious minority are some powerful communities without which Europe’s stability, prosperity and future cannot be imagined. If 50 million people formed together a separate state, theirs would be one of the largest countries in Europe. When we think of local minorities, just think of a 50 million-strong state and then you see that you will have a different idea,” Kelemen stated  in Targu Mures, according to Agerpres.

He asked the representatives of these organisations to support the completion of the sign-up campaign.

The Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania and the Federal Union of European Nationalities, which initiated the Minority SafePack, have set to collect one million signatures from several European states to support minority rights within one year, of which 250,000 signatures from Romania.

The Minority SafePack’s motto is “You are not alone, one million signatures for diversity in Europe.” It is designed to help protect and advance the interests of national and ethnic minorities in Europe in the following areas: regional and minority languages, culture and education, regional policy, public representation, equality, audiovisual and other media tools, regional (state) support.

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