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January 25, 2021

Actress Stela Popescu was buried with military honors at the Cernica Cemetery

Actress Stela Popescu was buried with military honors, on Sunday, at the Cernica Cemetery. Hundreds of people attended the funeral ceremony and said farewell to the actress.

The funeral religious service was held at the church “Sfantul Mare Mucenic Gheorghe”, inside the Cernica Monastery.  The actress was buried near her husband Puiu Maximilian.

The 30 “Mihai Viteazul” Guard Brigade honored the actress with artillery salvoes.

“Stela, your leave is a great loss, a void which I don’t know how we will fill for a long time since now on. I feel alone on the stage without you, my dear. After four decades in which we shared joy and tears of happiness, and especially applause from the audience, which will never forget you. You were, you are and you will always be our star, the star of the Romanian revue theater. Starting today, a new star will shine on the sky in the constellation of the great values which are no longer with us. Farewell, Stela, to the stars!” Alexandru Arsinel said at the end of the funeral service.

Other personalities who attended the funeral ceremony were Aurelian Temisan, Vasile Muraru and the first husband of the artist, actor and director Dan Puican, as well as the former soccer player Rica Raducanu.

Hundreds of people said farewell to the actress at the “Constantin Tanase” Revue Theater, too, where the dead body of the artist was deposited in the foyer of the Savoy Hall, from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning, when it was moved to Cernica.

Singer Corina Chiriac burst into tears when leaving the foyer of the Savoy Hall of the theater on Friday, after she said farewell to Stela Popescu. She said that in 1982, when she was living in an apartment opposite the radio-television, she heard the actress calling her from the street. The latter invited her to work together at the Boema Garden.

“That’s how we started a 10-year collaboration with her, with Sandu Arsinel, Puiu Maximilian and their entire team. I collaborated with Bitu Falticineanu, Sile Dinicu, who was the pianist and the director of the orchestra at the Boema Garden. Those years were extraordinary. I am sorry that you are too young, so you couldn’t see us at that time. All of us were awesome! Stela started to make the famous disguises with Arsinel, those unique, fabulous moments. Puisor’s texts were full of hidden meanings, Master Veselovski’s music was very good” said Corina Chiriac, being quoted by news.ro.

“With Stela and my other colleagues, a long and beautiful period is gone; it is not only the period of my youth, it’s a time we lived differently than you see. It wasn’t so black, but it wasn’t so pink. It was only our youth” the artist added, bursting into tears.

Aurelian Temisan and his wife, actress Monica Davidescu, brought a final tribute to Stela Popescu.

“We have the memories ad all the joyful moments of the last 50 years. I remember her being advising, cheerful, humorous and full of stories. I boast with only several hundreds of performances we had together, and I learned many things from her and from Sandu Arsinel. Every time we were seeing each other, we were kissing. I think last time I saw her was four months ago. She was as we know her for a lifetime, energetic, smiling, advising and joking.  I miss to call her ‘mother’, as I called her in movies” said Aurelian Temisan with tears in his eyes, according to news.ro.

Actress Stela Popescu was found dead in her home on Thursday; the SMURD crew which arrived on the spot confirmed her death.

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