Dacian Ciolos claims bill amending judicial laws should be completely withdrawn from Parliament

Ex-Premier Dacian Ciolos stated that legitimacy is conferred by the vote, but the leaders of the PSD-ALDE ruling coalition started to lose it the moment “they started to touch the judicial laws.” He claimed the bill amending the judicial laws should be completely withdrawn from Parliament, and announced that on Sunday evening he was going to join the protesters in the street.

“There is legitimacy conferred by the vote, by the proper functioning of institutions in a rule of law. There is legitimacy that stems from people’s confidence, which is based on the honesty with which a politician relates to a decision. Deceitful promises, the attack on the fundamental principles of a democratic state – such as the independence of the judiciary – cancels this legitimacy. Lack of confidence cannot be compensated by any office. The moment they started to touch the judicial laws, the leaders of the PSD-ALDE ruling coalition started to lose this legitimacy,” Dacian Ciolos wrote on Facebook on Saturday evening.

He stated that the loss of confidence stems from a simple reason: “they have direct interests in the way the judiciary does its job, they are directly concerned in dossiers that are on various stages in court.”

“Both they and their party colleagues feigned not seeing this enormous conflict of interests. How could one trust the wolves to make the laws in a sheepfold? That is why, regardless of what tactic they may adopt in the debating and voting of the proposed amendments to the judicial laws, the current leaders of the parliamentary majority can no longer have our confidence on this topic. They definitely lost my confidence long ago,” the ex-Premier’s message reads.

He claims that “the package amending the judicial laws must be completely withdrawn from Parliament” and the amendments should be debated by experts.

Moreover, Ciolos considers that the Venice Commission should be consulted.

“Without an open, participative approach to demonstrate that any potential amendments are made solely to improve the act of justice and not to serve the personal interests of some politicians who are temporarily in power, any such overture can only rouse suspicion,” Ciolos added.

He concluded his message by announcing that on Sunday evening he was going to join the protesters in the street.


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