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May 18, 2021

PSD Iasi demands Catalin Ivan’s resignation from European Parliament after he criticised Dragnea

On Friday, the Social Democratic Party’s (PSD) Iasi branch issued a press release asking MEP Catalin Ivan to resign from the European Parliament, claiming that he “has no party.” In response, Ivan told MEDIAFAX that the communique was released “at the order” of PSD President Liviu Dragnea.

“PSD Iasi categorically distances itself from the statements made by Catalin Ivan, who has no party, who continues to cling on to PSD and to the office of member of the European Parliament. We remind the Romanian public opinion that he is no longer member of PSD Iasi, having been excluded long ago. Thus, no allegation issued by him represents the point of view of PSD Iasi. His intentions are as clear as possible and seek one thing only: to divide the party that governs Romania at this moment,” the press release reads.

At the same time, PSD Iasi is asking Catalin Ivan to resign from the European Parliament.

“Although he was elected on the party’s lists, at this moment he represents only himself and takes public stances against the party that assured his political career, with him no longer being an exponent of Social Democratic politics, neither in Romania nor in Europe. Thus, by vacating his office of member of the European Parliament, Mr Ivan would have his own chance to reposition himself politically and professionally and to build his own projects, but without any connection with PSD Iasi,” the communique reads.

Contacted by MEDIAFAX, MEP Catalin Ivan pointed out that PSD Iasi’s communique was released “at the order” of PSD President Liviu Dragnea.

“PSD Iasi has released this communique at the order of Dragnea. I meet the representatives of the Iasi branch and they do not have this attitude. They are doing this because they received an order from Bucharest,” Ivan said.

“I have only one message: they should ask Liviu Dragnea for the documents which show that I was allegedly excluded from PSD, as a result of a non-statutory decision, and we’ll talk afterward. Unfortunately, PSD Iasi receives from Bucharest already-drafted communiques in which it talks with the words of Codrin Stefanescu,” Ivan added.

MEP Catalin Ivan criticised PSD’s current leadership, and party leader Liviu Dragnea in particular, in his capacity as party member, even though his capacity was repeatedly denied by the PSD leadership.

“I have seen the resolution of the party whose member I am and, as any party member, I have read it with sadness and disappointment. Liviu Dragnea and those around him are increasingly detached from reality. PSD is being knowingly hijacked from its purpose as a left-wing party,” Ivan recently wrote on his Facebook page.

“I hear the party gathered outside the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) to back Dragnea and I find it to be a sinister joke. PSD did not gather outside the DNA. Through specific methods I do not want to detail now, some people were brought to mimic support. That’s the truth. Those people mimic support just like Dragnea mimics still being in charge of PSD,” reads another posting made by the MEP.

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