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December 9, 2022

U.S. Ambassador on amendments to judicial laws: We are watching very carefully what is happening in Parliament; we have very serious concerns regarding the JusMin’s original proposals

U.S. Ambassador Hans Klemm stated on Monday that he is watching very carefully Parliament’s debates on the judicial laws, having “very serious concerns with the initial proposal made by the Minister of Justice.”

U.S. Ambassador Hans Klemm stated, in an interview for ‘Expres de Banat’ daily, that he watches very carefully the evolution of the package of judicial laws in Parliament.

“In what concerns the judicial package that was first assembled by the Minister of Justice and now is being taken up by Parliament, we are watching very carefully to see how Parliament modifies it, what comes out of the discussion that’s taking place in the judicial committee. As you mentioned, we have very serious concerns with, at least with the initial proposal made by the Minister of Justice. The reason behind our concern is that, in our view, in the past 15 or so years, Romania has mounted an increasingly credible fight against high- and mid-level corruption. It has created judicial independence, has created special units to focus on discovering crimes of public corruption, I’m talking in particular about the DNA, and when we look at the region, in our estimation, Romania is doing the most credible fight against corruption. Much more can be done, particularly in prevention and education, but in terms of prosecuting those who are stealing from the state, Romania has a record that’s unparalleled in this part of the world,” the U.S. ambassador said.

Hans Klemm said that there were concerns because the amendments proposed by the Justice Minister were showing that a rolling back of the fight against corruption might take place.

“That certainly was our concern with the Justice Minister’s original package, that it would represent a rolling back of judicial independence and also of the strength of the prosecutorial effort against corruption. Now we are watching very, very carefully what took place in Parliament last week and what will continue this week, to see what emerges out of the committee that will be considered by the full plenary. We’re watching very carefully,” Klemm said.

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