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January 29, 2022

MEP Catalin Ivan sues PSD’s Dragnea: He injured my reputation, he affected my activity in the European Parliament

Neacsu: We’ll analyse documents lodged by Ivan regarding his status as PSD member


“I’ll sue Liviu Dragnea because he stated, on countless occasions, that I’m not a member of PSD, for the abuses I was subjected to, I was kicked out of the European Parliament’s committees, of the PSD delegation, I was not able to run for any office because my status was uncertain and Liviu Dragnea had all interest in my status remaining uncertain,” Ivan pointed out in a press statement made outside PSD’s central headquarters.

He pointed out he has clear evidence that PSD President Liviu Dragnea is behind these “abuses” and emphasised that by turning to the courts he is interested in making his status as full member of PSD clear for everyone.

“At this moment there is no other solution to close this topic once and for all but to go to court. I’ve prepared all documents, I’ve talked to lawyers, we’ll obtain a court ruling so that Liviu Dragnea and everyone would understand one can’t fool around making political statements. There are injuries to reputation, my activity within the European Parliament has also been affected, my political activity. I believe it’s one last gesture I can make to put an end to this lie, which has been rolled forward for three years,” Ivan said, Mediafax informs.

“For the time being I’m moving against Liviu Dragnea, but I’m leaving an open list for all those who will still make such statements,” the MEP added.

He arrived on Monday morning at PSD’s central headquarters where he dropped off a paper case of documents that show he is a member of PSD.

According to Ivan, the paper case also contains receipts which show he has paid his membership fees at the PSD Dobrovat party branch.

Neacsu: We will analyse the documents lodged by Ivan regarding his status as PSD member

PSD Secretary General Marian Neacsu stated on Monday that the documents lodged by MEP Catalin Ivan at the party’s central headquarters, documents concerning his status as PSD member, will be analysed and a response will be drafted too.

“We took note of the fact that today Mr Ivan is carrying out, here, at the party’s front gate, a journalistic overture, and that he has sent a set of documents at the party headquarters, documents that we will analyse. Like the president of PSD Iasi said, Mr Ivan allegedly is not a member of that branch. The president of PSD District 1 also claims that Mr Ivan is not a member of that branch,” Neacsu said.

“Based on the documents lodged at the party’s headquarters today, corroborated with the documents from the two already mentioned party branches, we will conduct the analysis and give an answer,” Neacsu added.

He pointed out he does not know where and in what conditions Ivan paid his membership fees, but pointed out one cannot pay membership fees unless one is a party member.

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