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June 23, 2021

Penitentiaries Administration: 732 people have been released in due time based on the compensatory remedy; other 1,575 detainees have been conditionally released

Since the Law on the Compensatory Remedy has entered into force, 732 people have been released in due time, following the implementation of this measure, while 1,575 detainees have ben conditionally released, said the representatives of the National Administration of the Penitentiaries (ANP) on Monday.

According to ANP, 732 people have been released from the units subordinated to the National Administration of the Penitentiaries between October 19 and November 26, 2017, due to the expiration of the penalty term in due time, by granting the compensatory benefits provided by the Law no.169/2017.

Conditional release has been also admitted by the competent courts for 1575 people.

According to ANP, conditional release is “a complementary institution to the prison sentence regime and it implies the cumulative fulfillment of certain strict conditions which are provided by the law by a limitative manner”.

According to the procedure provided by the Criminal Procedure Code, conditional release is granted at the request of the convicted person or at the proposal of a conditional release committee.

The committee makes proposals of conditional release for the convicted person taking into account the actually executed sentence, the previous deeds, the sentence execution regime, the person’s behavior and other specific conditions.

“The admission of the conditional release implies that the court is convinced that the convicted person has acquired a complex of social values which are necessary for the subsistence in the society, under conditions of legality”, the ANP representatives added.

The Law on the Compensatory Remedy entered into force on October 19 and provides that each detainee benefits from six days deemed to be executed for every 30 days executed under inappropriate conditions.



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