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May 10, 2021

Winter Command at Bucharest Municipality: 1000 snow-clearing machines are ready for bad weather

The measures announced by Mayor Gabriela Firea


Bucharest Mayor announced on Monday at the Winter Command that local authorities are ready for bad weather, mentioning that 3,200 people have been mobilized to work with one thousand available machines. Gabriela Firea specified that 20 snow melting machines will also operate.

The mayor announced that the institutions has 14,500 tons of anti-skid material available.

Firea asked those in charge to consider that homeless people should be taken to special centers, and police officers to take care of the traffic issue, in which context the mayor mentioned that: “Europe’s wrecks arrived here, in Bucharest. We are trying to find solutions”.

Robert Negoita announced that there are problems with sanitation in the 3rdDistrict, mentioning that the sanitation service has been changed this morning.

“We hope not to have major discrepancies and the company that has the contract will do its job. I repeat, the situation is not good here, in the 3rd District”, Robert Negoita said.

“Rubbish is near the pillar in the middle of the day. I saw this last summer at Romana, Universitate, Unirii, at 30 degrees. This is not a normal thing in a European capital. That’s why I don’t want to save money for this winter. BY a joint effort, we must provide an exemplary snow removal. We will not take our leave, we will do commands every day. Last winter, in the second part, we acted exemplarily. I don’t want to hear that your workers are blocked in a commune. They must be accommodated in Bucharest, so the city will not suffer anymore. This year, we will terminate the contracts in the case of those who do not understand that we cannot play with people’s lives” Gabriela Firea stated.

In the 4th District, snow fences will be mounted on the Berceni Road, according to the mayor.

As for the ambulance services, the manager of the service says that all the endowments have been made, since there are problems with the used cars due to their age.

“We are in the middle of the proceedings for purchasing 100 ambulances. We hope they will arrive as soon as possible” Firea replied.

Regarding the public transport, the head of the Bucharest Autonomous Transport Administration (RATB) says that there are one hundred cars more than in the previous years, and the purchase of trams is necessary.


Code Yellow and Code Orange of rain, snow and wind. IGSU: More than 3,500 firefighters are ready in case that problems occur due to weather


More than 3,500 firefighters with over 600 technical facilities are ready to intervene in the counties where dangerous meteorological phenomena are expected, given that the National Weather Administration (ANM) issued a Code Yellow and Code Orange of rain, snow and wind, forecasting abundant rainfall, wind intensification and snowfall in several regions of the country, according to the General Inspectorate or Emergency Situations (IGSU). “In order to make the response missions more effective, measures have been taken to activate the operative groups in the 7 counties which are affected by the Code Orange (ISU Arges, ISU Brasov, ISU Buzau, ISU Covasna, ISU Dambovita, ISU Prahova and ISU Vrancea) and to ensure the staff reserve to supplement, if needed, the intervention crews. At the same time, in the counties where we know from the experience of the previous years that there is a possibility of floods or ice deposits, ISU crews are monitoring the water flow to identify and eliminate the possible dangers for the communities” is the message sent by IGSU on Monday.

Another measure ordered by IGSU was to check and to know the situation of the pregnant women with 7 to 9 months of pregnancy, of the people under dialysis treatment or affected by other diseases, in order to ensure their preventive transportation to the corresponding medical units, in case of significant snowfall and strong blizzard.

In case of possible mission for searching and rescuing people affected by dangerous meteorological phenomena, firefighters are ready to intervene with more than 36 tracked vehicles with increased passage capability, and other seven vehicles of this kind belonging to CNAIR can be requested to support them, according to the collaboration protocol concluded between our institution and this company.

IGSU also mentions that 42 trucks for personal transportation and multiple victims (ATPVM), 32 milling machines for unlocking roads, fire trucks and SMURD trucks can be used.

Firefighters recommend people to avoid going out during the blizzard and strong snowfall, and if the trip is absolutely necessary, they should be informed previously if there are blocked roads on their route. Before going out, they should ensure themselves that the heating system works efficiently, the fuel tank is full and the cars are properly equipped for the winter traffic (cold season tires, snow chains, shovel, sandbag, etc.). The evolution on the spot is permanently monitored by the National Operational Center of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.

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