In Alba Iulia, on the National Day, RePatriot presents special projects dedicated to the Centenary Year

A group of entrepreneurs, members of the RePatriot team, will attend the events occasioned by the National Day and will take part in a festive conference organised with the support of the local community.

The third edition of the RePatriot Conference in Alba Iulia will start at 5:00 p.m., at the ‘1 December 1918’ University, Amphitheatre A9. Members of the Romanian Business Leaders, entrepreneurs and representatives of the local authorities, partners and guests who support the project will be present at the event. Speeches will be given by RePatriot Project Initiator Marius Bostan, FAN Courier Co-Founder Felix Patrascanu, Eurolines President Dragos Anastasiu, Recognos USA CEO George Roth, alongside entrepreneurs from the region and from all over Romania who endorse the project. Alba Iulia Mayor Mircea Hava and Alba County Council Chairman Ion Dumitrel will give speeches on behalf of local authorities.

This year’s special conference is dedicated to the Union, in order to strengthen the link between Romanians everywhere and those in Romania, and to plead for their return home via entrepreneurial initiatives. The most important topics of the event consist of evoking the RePatriot actions carried out so far, presenting the initiatives for 2018 and launching a call for action as intense as possible on the threshold of the Centenary.

In the last two years, the RePatriot team has worked on effective actions to bring the Romanians living abroad closer to the Country, to the community of businessmen in particular, to establish trusted links and to present concrete opportunities.

Dozens of conferences and meetings have taken place, featuring the presentation of investment opportunities, thousands of hours of consultancy and discussions, the presentation of hundreds of successful cases, the direct presentation of personal examples, the development of concrete business projects, the presentation of the administrative, legal and fiscal situation in the country, managerial and entrepreneurial education, counselling and information on sources of financing, the team members have covered thousands of kilometres, have taken part in dozens of actions meant to get the local authorities involved, 130 RePatriot ambassadors are pleading for repatriation via entrepreneurship, a continuous information campaign has been carried out via the media and social networks, and many actions in support of this cause have taken place. All of this was done with private support from a community of people and companies who deserve our appreciation and thanks.

“We are going to Alba Iulia to pay homage to our forefathers, to pay our respects to our heroes, to celebrate Romania and to think about the future. Our ideas and actions inspire very many actions and are expanding more than we thought when we started the RePatriot project. Romanians in the country and abroad are doing good things, concrete things for their families, their communities, and their businesses. They are the heroes of today’s Romania, they generate welfare. Through what we do, we – RePatriot – unlock these energies and inspire the good forces to act. We present our report each December 1st in the adopted Capital of all Romanians. Come join us,” said Marius Bostan, the initiator of RePatriot.

RePatriot is a platform of inspiration and trust for Romanians living abroad, which acts as a counterweight to the main barriers to repatriation via entrepreneurship: corruption, red tape, and lack of trust in the political-administrative class. Through direct meetings and projects for the business environment, in which we jointly work, we address Romanians who want to return, their main reason for doing so being to rediscover their “nest” (68 percent of them state they want to be “home again”). Very promising for the RePatriot community is the fact that 47 percent of them want to do something for Romania, and 39 percent want to open a business in the country, according to a survey conducted by Open-I Research.

Aside from business opportunities and economic stability, they also want reduced red tape, dignity in the rapports with public institutions, quality education for their children and an efficient and friendly healthcare system.

“Almost 60 percent of the Romanians who left want to come back Home, and we want to offer them more confidence and investment opportunities for 2018. Romania will become a more entrepreneurial country with the involvement of our fellow nationals living abroad, whom we will celebrate and award next year at the Centenary. We want the local administrations to be as close to us as possible, working together to remove the identified barriers,” said Felix Patrascanu, FAN Courier Co-Founder and leader of the RePatriot project.

The event in Alba Iulia is the meeting place for Romanian businessmen who want to allocate time and invest in consecrated RePatriot projects and in the new initiatives that will be implemented in 2018.

Among the most important RePatriot projects that will be developed in 2018, we mention the RePatriot Business Summit 2018 in Alba Iulia, to be held in the first week of October, and Top 100 Romanians from the Diaspora.

About RePatriot

RePatriot, a Romanian Business Leaders Foundation project, is a platform for inspiration, counselling and information which plans to make it easier for Romanians living abroad to access the opportunities in the country. Through dozens of RePatriot conferences held throughout the world, in which more than 4,000 Romanians have already taken part, and also through conferences held in Romania, through the platform, Romanians from the Diaspora can access useful information, examples, entrepreneurial education, partnerships, consultancy and opportunities from Romania, in order to become entrepreneurs at home or to support Romania from the countries in which they currently live. RePatriot conferences represent a platform that encourage the transfer of entrepreneurial spirit from the Diaspora toward Romania.

Romanian Business Leaders Foundation

RBL is an apolitical, non-governmental and non-profit organisation which ensures a platform of action and social involvement for private sector leaders. RBL’s mission is for Romania to become a better country for responsible businesses and, this way, for all Romanians. The Foundation’s directions of action are: Education, Entrepreneurial Culture, and Good Governance.

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