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February 1, 2023

Intel service’s Exec Bureau decides to restrict interinstitutional dialogue conduct to Director’s Office only

The Executive Bureau of the Romanian Intelligence Service’s Board of Directors decided on Tuesday that the interinstitutional dialogue should no longer be carried out through the General Secretariat, but through SRI’s Director’s Office exclusively.

“The Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) has taken note of the statement made to the media by the chairman of the parliamentary SRI oversight committee, Senator Claudiu Manda, regarding the possible request for the resignation of a SRI administrative officer. (…) In order to remove the suspicions mentioned by the committee chairman, Mr Claudiu Manda, regarding the correspondence between SRI and the committee, the Executive Bureau decided at the meeting today, November 28, 2017 that the interinstitutional dialogue should no longer be conducted through the General Secretariat, but through the Director’s Office exclusively,” SRI said Tuesday in a press statement.

The Executive Bureau of SRI’s Board of Directors is urging all members of the parliamentary committee to “not get SRI involved in any political game,” while voicing SRI’s “determination to continue its fair cooperation and in good faith in line with the normative framework governing interinstitutional relationships.”

The reaction comes after head of the SRI Oversight Committee Claudiu Manda on Monday announced possibly contemplating a request for the resignation of Dumitru Dumbrava as secretary general of the Romanian Intelligence Service because the committee cannot make the necessary analysis while he is maintained in his position.

“We will discuss and analyse the issues raised by Mr. Dumbrava inside the committee, along with the things that have been said further since that hearing. I also had a discussion with some of the people who presented different things in the public space. They say they can prove them and do so as a testimony before the committee. We will probably ask for Mr Dumbrava’s resignation, because we cannot continue this analysis with Mr Dumbrava as secretary general of the Romanian Intelligence Service,” Manda told journalists at Parliament Palace.


The Parliament’s SRI Oversight Committee decided to request General Dumbrava’s resignation


The Parliament’s SRI Oversight Committee decided on Tuesday, with 5 pros and 3 cons, to request the resignation of the SRI General Dumitru Dumbrava, the Secretary General of the Service, on the ground that the committee’s investigations cannot be conducted as long as he continues to be in this position.

SRI General Dumitru Dumbrava stated last Wednesday when heard by the Parliament’s SRI Oversight Committee that he knows the DNA Prosecutor Alexandra Lancranjan and that he cooperated with her, but he denied that he helped her in her career. The Chairman of the SRI Committee, Senator Claudiu Manda, said that Dumbrava was also asked at the hearings about the tactical field, about the connections with the DNA head Laura Codruta Kovesi and with the former DIICOT head Alina Bica.

The Chairman of the Parliament’s SRI Oversight Committee stated that SRI General Dumitru Dumbrava said that his meetings with Laura Codruta Kovesi since she was the Prosecutor General were mainly focused on the national security warrants.

“He was asked if he met Mrs. Kovesi to talk about cases, as General Iliescu told us. Mr. Dumbrava’s opinion was that he met quite many times Mrs. Kovesi, especially when she was the Prosecutor General, and not the DNA Chief-Prosecutor, that they rather talked about the national security warrants and that he never had a talk about cases in the meaning in which General Iliescu made his statement according to which they established who should work on that case from SRI, who should work on that case from DNA, and possibly who judge will receive the case” Manda stated after the hearing of the SRI General Dumitru Dumbrava at the Parliament’s SRI Oversight Committee.


Viziteu (USR): The SRI Oversight Committee no longer fulfills its legal role, but it entered into the swirl of political fights


The Save Romanian Union (USR) MP Lucian-Daniel Stanciu-Viziteu accused the parliamentary SRI Oversight Committee, whose member he is, that it is involved in political fights, contrary to its legal role, and mentioned that requesting General Dumitru Dumbrava’s resignation contradicts the Parliament’s decision by which the committee was established.

“We have come to a point where, unfortunately, the (SRI Oversight – e.n.) Committee no longer fulfills its legal role, but has entered into the swirl of political fights that should not take place in this Committee, which has only one purpose, which is to verify the legality of the SRI’s actions. This decision (the request for Dumbrava’s resignation – e.n.) contradicts the Parliament’s Decision no.30 by which the Committee is established, and I refer in particular to Art. 6, para. 7, which provides that the Committee has the duty to defend the honor of the institution and its cadres”, said Lucian – Daniel Stanciu – Viziteu, according to news.ro.

The USR MP says that there is no clear evidence in General Dumbrava’s case, which indicates any suspicion that he committed any action outside his duties.

“What was done today only fits into a political fight in which PSD sacrifices anything, even a professional soldier, to cast a shadow on the accusations against the leader of this party.  I voted against this, I haven’t found any solid argument. Manda’s accusations have no real ground, they cannot rely in the statements made by the complainants at the hearings or in the documentation received from SRI” Viziteu added.

He explained that if there is any suspicion, according to the law on the military cadres, SRI has the duty to create a judgment council which, based on the evidence, has to make a well-informed decision, taking into account that this is about a professional soldier, who shouldn’t be the victim of the abuses coming from politicians who have other interests than to strengthen this institution.

“Until now, I haven’t found any solid reason indicating that SRI exceeded its legal mandate” the USR MP concluded.


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